Still no word on Heists for GTA Online following Take-Two's earnings call

Gamezone: "Rockstar Games' parent-company Take-Two yesterday held its Q1 2015 earnings call, but sadly we learned nothing new about the future of Grand Theft Auto Online, particularly the eagerly awaited Heists."

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DonDon1357d ago

An earnings call would be a strange time to mention free dlc (no way R* should charge for something that was promised before launch).

iNFAMOUZ11356d ago

who gives a shi* if you want heists so bad play payday, jesus christ, whats so damn f***en fun about stealing a bank, and escaping, its the same ****

YodaCracker1356d ago

It was a feature promised to be in the game. Players are still waiting for this feature almost a year after release.

gigoran1356d ago

You do understand that their version of "heist" is going to resemble missions that are already present in the game as well as a much much MUCH less payout than what you and others are expecting, right?

Prepare to be disappointed.

Shad0wRunner1356d ago

Because Payday, heists or not....aint no GTA. Never will be GTA...and will never be as good as GTA. Those hardcore fans of GTA, dont give a hot sh!t about Payday. LOL.

In the world of Gran Theft Auto, all other games are irrelevant.

Blacktric1356d ago

"who gives a shi*"

People who play GTA Online do.

"whats so damn f***en fun about stealing a bank, and escaping, its the same ****"

Having fun with your friends and even other people maybe? How hard is that to wrap your head around?

--bienio--1356d ago

They waiting for Ps4/XboxO/Pc realse simple.

Bodge1356d ago

I haven't been up to date on the heists thing, did they hype this up or what? I thought they only briefly mentioned it in the GTA Online trailer...

hay1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

Yeah, as one of the main things to do. I still think those heists they were talking about were shop robberies which are from day one, and now they just might simply try to achieve some middle ground, which in the way they do things, isn't as fast as everybody would hope for.

IMO GTA should have close to infinite content(more generators, editors and bigger game area), I'd never get off Online.

psuedo1356d ago

You were supposed to plan, and do heists just like in singleplayer. It was even in the plan to be able to double cross people to steal their share of the loot.

My biggest gripe is that you can never find people playing things like capture the bag. Obviously they did not work on multiplayer until the last minute. They have been stuffing our faces with free stuff hoping you wouldnt notice their broken product. Basically someone needs to sue R* not sony.

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