Guacamelee Developers Confirm New Unrevealed Project

In an interview with Indie Corner, DrinkBox Studios, the developers behind Guacamelee revealed that they were working on a new secret project similar in nature to Guacamelee.

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Canary-00831471d ago


I'm hoping for a rogue like metroidvania game based on Egyptian mythology. Or Scandinavian.

gamerfan09091471d ago

Gucamelee is the best platformer I've played in the last decade. I'm not an indie game lover but that game showed how talented Drink Box was.

ModernSamuraiJay1471d ago

Solid studio for sure. Guacamelee is just such a well polished game and the combat mechanics to it are incredible. Looking forward to what else they can pull off.

LAWSON721471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Day one! Guacamelee is easily one of my favorite Indies. I hope it is a new themed metroidvania game with similar platforming and combat mechanics if not maybe shooting like Contra or maybe even puzzles. I will look forward to whatever they make

SpiralTear1471d ago

DrinkBox are incredible developers. Very eager to see what they create next.

francknara61471d ago


So they... are... working ?