Everything you need to know about the Oculus Rift

A look at the the technology, games, and future of Facebook’s virtual-reality company.

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Raistlinhawke1441d ago

It was great to get a sense, even if it was just the basic pitches, for the games currently in development for the kit.

equal_youth1440d ago

was thinking about getting the devkit2 but for now i don't see any major releases incoming :/

bumnut1440d ago

Ive ordered one, couldn't wait any longer!

Si-Fly1440d ago

Depends what you call a major release? I'm currently playing pCARS and Elite Dangerous with my DK2 and eagerly awaiting SC and iRacings updates ...

equal_youth1440d ago

i just don't want another gimmick but i also have to admit that i don't know that much about the new tech. maybe ill just wait for the finished product.
hows your experience with oculus so far?

Si-Fly1440d ago

So far absolutely captivating!! I'm not exactly a Sci-Fi or Flight Sim fan but the level of immersion, actually feeling that you're flying a space ship in Elite has to be tried to be believed! The sense of scale is ridiculous, the stars and planets are massive and docking or exiting a spaceport is something else. If you can find anyone who has one you have to try it, pretty sure you'd order one as soon as you got home ;)

OculusRift1440d ago

Huh? I never signed off on an article about me. :P