5 Major Gaming Pet Peeves - Ya Know What Really Grinds My Gears...

Everyone has a thing or two about gaming that really gets under their skin. Something that happens that frustrates you to no end. Lucas lists 5 of the things that he hates the most in games.

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BillmadeAGate1508d ago

Ehhh I only agree with #5..

Digital_Anomaly1508d ago

Well Bill... you know what they say about opinions and all that... haha.

Yeah, it's different for everyone! I'd actually have a hard time making a list like this because as much as I come across the odd thing that pisses me off it's not ever anything too specific. Usually it's something more about how the game actually plays like a stupid design or control choice.

ThatEnglishDude1508d ago

What really 'grinds my gears' is when people use the phrase 'Ya know what really grinds me gears...'

CloudRap1508d ago

TLOU control scheme really grinded my gears but then I got used to it and now I keep throwing grenades every time I want to sprint in BF4 .___.

barb_wire1508d ago

Multiple "fetch" quests where the reward isn't worth a damn considering what you expended to get the quest done.. I'm looking at you Borderlands 1 & 2!

Digital_Anomaly1508d ago

Good christ... you might be on to something there!

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