Why Shovel Knight's devs had to go broke to become successful

To create Shovel Knight, the developers at Yacht Club Games had to go broke first, according to a post on the developer's official website.

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XB1_PS41473d ago

Incredible game, and incredible story. I would like to see an Indie Game: The Movie style documentary on their fall, and rise.

They deserve every penny they get. Shovel Knight is one of my favorite games this year.

Tapani1473d ago

Because they are real professionals and artists. Respect!

Thehyph1473d ago

Put it on Vita/PS4 and take my money already!

LazyGoron1473d ago

AH I wish this game would to PS4, only for the reason of trophies.

Hesitant to buy it on my 3DS/Wii U because it HAS to come to other systems.

Great story too

desertpunk861473d ago

thats something japanese devs will never understand.

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