Why you can't drive in 'The Division', plus contextualized looting revealed

Fredrik Rundqvist, who is an executive producer on Tom Clancy's The Division, spoke with about the game's looting system and where players can expect to find certain items.

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Lwhit61445d ago

If you could drive in this game that would totally take away from the experience.

ThanatosDMC1445d ago

I was disappointed that it's becoming less and less like a Day Z type of game with bandit players.

gigoran1445d ago

So... go play DayZ then? I don't see the reason why the division must be like dayz and not like what the devs want it to be. If every game is like the last then there goes originality down the toilet. Try and enjoy it for what they want it to be, or if you can't then at least DayZ still exist.

mogwaii1445d ago

We dont need ANOTHER dayz, we've got H1Z1 already aping it. The division looks to be a great game if they can deliver on these aspects they've discussed.

Aussie_Spectre1445d ago

I do agree with your statement but "aping" is not the correct word, H1Z1 will probably be an improvement on what DayZ is.

abstractel1445d ago

Examiner should be banned from N4G. The ads are way, way too intrusive.

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