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NYC_Gamer1474d ago

EA continues to expand their monopoly in the football market

DFray9191474d ago

Cant wait for this game!!!!!!!!! skipped on fifa 14 (for not real reason) so my hype for this is threw the roof!

cfc831474d ago

No thanks. Online isn't at a good enough standard.

marlinfan101474d ago

Whats wrong with the online? I play fifa 14 online nearly every day and never have problems

cfc831474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Lag. General poor service. Same player auto winning 50/50 challenges. , slow challenges. Poor turning. Gravity pulls. Sometimes i benefit from it. 100 meg connection.

marlinfan101473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

there is scripting and its pretty damn annoying. me and my buddy were playing online coop the other day and the kid was getting every single header and then we had a break away at the end of the game (real madrid vs real madrid) with ronaldo and somehow modric catches up to us and steals the ball, launches the ball down field and gets a header to win the game.

marlinfan101473d ago

Btw modrics speeds around a 75 and ronaldos a 94

hazard17remedy1473d ago

Sorry but i have to do this...



Well, i buy every FIFA since FIFA10. Gameplay is perfect, the feeling of playing on Stamford Bridge against teams like Liverpool or Arsenal it's impecable, beating the sh*t out of Manchester City on their own stadium is classic. The online part of the game is great, i never had a problem... Well, sometimes people quit rage the game when my Hazard do special goals on them ;)