Noobist Interview: A Look Into Developing Injustice’s Accessibility Mode

Gaming is a cherished pastime among young and old alike. Even people who are not gamers can easily get sucked into winning matches and completing levels. Disabled gamers are just a small portion of this massive culture. Games that are accessible and inclusive for us are hard to come by, especially on consoles, and there are only a handful of games that happen to be accessible or have accessibility modes built into them.

One of these rare examples is a fighting game called Injustice: Gods Among Us. It is the first in a new fighting game franchise that introduces an original story featuring a large cast of DC Comics icons such as Batman, Harley Quinn, Solomon Grundy, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and a variety of others. Set in a world where the lines between good and evil can often be blurred, players experience heroes and villains engaging in epic battles on a vast scale

For blind players, the game features a unique accessibility mode. I had a chance to sit down and interview Carlos Vasquez, a blind player who helped NetherRealm Studios create a mode that many blind and visually impaired players would enjoy, even on consoles. This is what he had to say.

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BouncingYeti1299d ago

This really is an underappreciated problem in the gaming industry. Even giving players the ability to map their own controls, which has been disappearing in games recently, can be a big help to players that have disabilities.

rkingett1299d ago

Agreed totally but it is getting better. developers are hiring more disabled people as consultants. Not to the degree that should happen but it is getting better

Sclavius1298d ago

As a disabled gamer, I'm glad more accessibility is being given to my fellow Crips