'The Division': Massive on single-player only, classes can be changed instantly

Tom Clancy's The Division's Executive Producer Fredrik Rundqvist spoke with and answered the question of does single player only take away from the experience? He also talked about switching classes mid-gameplay.

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BillmadeAGate1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Very excited about this one, every time I read something new about it my excitement just doubles.

700p1594d ago

Same here. Im slowly getting hyped for this.

masterfox1594d ago

"Massive on single-player only"<-- Now this just took my attention.

kizzle321594d ago

I wasn't thinking correctly and this headline made me sad when I seen "Massive on single-player only" as if, the game is only "massive" when you play single-player and if you played co-op the game was scaled down or something lmao...then of course my brain kicked in :p

--bienio--1594d ago

GreAt! I been worried we cant play in single player way good!!;)

Stapleface1594d ago

I wonder if you go solo, will you still be online? That would be my question for the dev. That's pretty important if you ask me. I have a felling that you will be. Which will suck when you come up on teams of people, because it's the internet regardless of what game your playing so your going to get killed for your stuff. In this kind of game where survival is key, your screwed on your own. I've done well on games like DayZ by myself. But if a group finds you, your going to die. There are no "friendly groups" in post apocalyptic survival games.

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