MONG Podcast - Can Xbox One Catch Up To PlayStation 4 This Fall?

Are you ready to find out who won our giveaway? Well good news! We started this week’s podcast by announcing the winner!

Also on this week’s MONG Podcast, the team went over this week’s biggest news like Evolve’s delay, Assassin’s Creed Rogue, a remake of Resident Evil 1, Dan Adelman leaving Nintendo, BioShock coming to iOS devices, PlayStation consoles outselling Xbox 3:1, and the Crytek UK situation coming under control!

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randomass1711471d ago

Yeah PS4's momentum is too great for Microsoft to catch up at this point. Microsoft is having trouble outselling Nintendo right now let alone Sony.

MasterCornholio1471d ago

I agree. Anyone that believes the Xbox One will eliminate the gap this holiday season is delusional.

reaperofsouls1471d ago

i expect the lead to be even grwater come xmas

doolin_dalton1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

I don't expect Xbox One to catch up (in sales) anytime soon. They've had a rough start.

I'd expect MS to catch Sony in 5-7 years, much like PS3 catching 360.

It's a marathon, not the sprint that many here desperately want to believe.

XB1_PS41471d ago

They're not going to close it, but I can see them outselling PS4 for at least 3-4 months. The games just sway towards XB1 this fall. Next year if XB1's line up doesn't get stepped up the PS4 is going to have a field day walloping on the XB1.

badz1491471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

the only place the Xbone is even close to the PS4 in terms of sales is the USA while getting stomped everywhere else. if the question is "can it catch up to the PS4 this fall?" the answer is unless it manage to sell 5 million units this fall alone, then NO!

being optimistic is one thing, but math and numbers don't lie. it took the PS3 6+ years to surpass the 360 and that's by selling more every year! the Xbone should start consistently outselling the PS4 1st before even talking about catching up! OR better yet, try to surpass the 2nd place console first, before looking at the front runner, might be a good place to start. the Xbone is in 3rd afterall!

MasterCornholio1471d ago


"It's a marathon, not the sprint that many here desperately want to believe."

I agree which is what Sony said about the PS4.

"Sony on PS4: "the format war is a marathon, not a sprint""

I dont know why you just didn't quote Sony on the first place.

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cee7731471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

In all honesty yes...

...If microsoft give em away for free :P

Retroman1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

@ cee773

And thats the only way that'll happen, even then MS probably still could not give em away.

MasterCornholio1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

How is the Xbox One going to make up for that 4 million lead that fne PS4 has in a few months?

Can the Xbox One sell better of course it will it will be the holidays when everything ends up selling better. Will it outsell the PS4? It wont because the PS4 has way to much momentum for that to happen.

rainslacker1471d ago

It does appear some people feel the PS4 sales will remain constant or decrease this fall. Reality dictates that PS4 sales will also increase this fall, as is normal for every holiday season. X1 sales will go up too. But making up at least a 4 million deficit means increasing sales more than would be typical for a holiday season.

strangeaeon1471d ago

Question should be "Can Xbox One improve it's situation this fall"? Any writer even asking whether it can catch the PS4 knows full well that it can't, and will start the usual internet sissy fights resulting in clicks. Please cease with these dumb articles.

Guy1051471d ago

You do know that there is a difference between an article and a podcast, right?

osborn20091471d ago

lol. probably not. he/she is just a hate-filled commenter that wants everyone to feel like shit.

It's just a question that is the headline of the podcast.

strangeaeon1471d ago

You just proved my point. Podcast, article, wtf ever, it's still a stupid headline.So please get down off your horse.

cfc781471d ago

Microsoft would/will need some of the best exclusives ever to catch Sony this gen and after the start Sony has I don't see it happening this fall or any fall if im honest especially with the way multiplats are going this gen but that's not to say XB1 won't be great because it has some really hot games coming out I see a great gen for both and that should mean more than 1st/2nd place to any gamer.

funkybudda1471d ago

Not mention the F2P titles Sony has lined up:

Chance for MS to catch up? Next to zero.

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