New on PS Store EU: Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept, PS Plus August games

Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept is a new stand-alone expansion to the Guerrilla Games’ PS4 shooter. Stand firm against waves of Helghast attacks with up to three friends as Intelligence Squad Alpha – a crack team of specialists attempting to intercept military transmissions that could turn the tide of the war.

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opproject1508d ago

Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept so much fun, awesome 4 players co-op

system221508d ago

Ooof. Slim pickings this month for the ps4.

hkgamer1508d ago

just saw the last of us mp dlc. says its crossbuy. does that mean they wasnt bothered to include that in the remastered version? -_-

anyway. 4 games available for vita this month :)

caseh1508d ago

I was about to rage when I saw the TLOU DLC seeing as I bought the game yesterday but it's just vanity DLC for the MP aspect of the game.

It's a cash grab so i'm not that bothered.

nix1508d ago

it didn't allow me to download FEZ. it shows "Buy" instead. /:

hkgamer1508d ago

probably wait a day or 2. think they did that by mistake on a vita game last month.

nix1508d ago

i got the way around. i downloaded the Trial version. Then clicked on "Unlock Full Game". there they gave me option to download the FREE PS+ version. pretty stupid.

hkgamer1508d ago

thanks, will keep that in mind the next time it happens.