Worst Fictional Companies to Work For

Being part of the work force can be an unforgiving place, but it's still a cakewalk compared to what happens in the video game world. Enrique of Gamer Assault Weekly takes a look at the worst fictional companies to work for.

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VRex71322d ago

Great list... I'm going to appreciate my job a bit more today xD

JackOfAllBlades1322d ago

I jokingly have my job on Facebook as Umbrella Pharmaceuticals Genetic Research L8. I've had multiple old people compliment me on being, "so talented for my age" and "I'm sure you make a lot of money "

FalconR2891321d ago

That's quite funny because I did something similar, but instead of Umbrella I put down Cyberdyne Systems as Cybernetics Scientist and Director of Special Projects. Umbrella was my second choice but there was too many health hazards to worry about.

FrostbiteGhost1322d ago

You know what else would suck? Working for that company in Bioshock Infinite, the one that makes it's employees live there.

Edgetroll1322d ago

But think what you would save on the commute!

zsquaresoff1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

Prefer working at Umbrella and create T-Virus, rather than work at Microsoft and create games for the X-Bone :p

scark921322d ago

RuptureFarms from Oddworld!

XisThatKid1322d ago

first thing I thought of.

thisishxc1322d ago

Great list, but I'd add any company from the Bioshock series.

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