Dan Adelman is right, the Wii U’s name is bad for sales

GameZone's Jake valentine: "I agree with Adelman 100%. The Wii U’s name is pretty terrible. Not only is it weird, but again, it does very little to differentiate the system from its predecessor."

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NYC_Gamer1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

Wii U is a console for the hardcore Nintendo fans and it's dealing with issues due to not having software that would appeal to gamers outside of that crowd

danny8181511d ago

it really is. I have a hardcore friend who is a huge fan of Nintendo. He says he doesn't understand how I do not have a wiiU, since so many great titles are available. Funny thing is, those don't appeal to me ergo there is not title to play on the wiiu

imXify1511d ago

I think the WiiU is for everyone. It's just that these days, kids want an iPad...

BullyMangler1511d ago

I was correct all along.

The planet thinks wiiU is a peripheral for the wii.

PS4 sold well just because of the number 4 at end of playstation < fact .

And now the PS4 is kicking wiiU's but in saLes.

And the wiiU is destroying the PS4 with more challenging, higher quality, more nextGen playing games .

WiiU is kicking ass!

3-4-51511d ago

Well, no point in talking about it now really. The name IS, what the name IS. Too late to change but hopefully Nintendo ACTUALLY learns from this.

fonger081511d ago

The whole marketing of the system, to it's Nintendo fan's, 3rd party delevopers, and to the general public, has been a disaster. Don't get me wrong, the games for the system are great, and it's online infrastructure, while still light on features, is coming along. I think Nintendo tried to have this system appeal to "everyone" while reality only appealing to the select gaming diehards. I'm sure they'll ride this system out at least 2 more years, and maybe, hopefully, go a more focused direction.

DualWielding1511d ago

Wii U was most stupid name for a console..... until Microsoft Came with Xbox One.... If people can get the Xbox One is the sucessor to 360 I think they can get Wii U is successor to Wii... Wii U has lots of problem (no powah, no third party support, no account system, no region free) the idea that the reason is not selling is because people are confused by the name is silly (yes I know lots of people indeed don't know what the Wii U is but those are people who wouln't buy one anyways, people who'll care to buy one know what it is)

logan_izer101511d ago

It's easy enough to figure out for avid gamers like us. But average people have no idea what the blazes is going on. My sisters have all called me at some point to ask if Wii U games and accessories can work on the wii. My wife asked me why the wii u would cost hundreds more when it is the same console

CloudRap1511d ago

Yeah but had they named it the 720 I could only imagine the resolution jokes..........XD

Baccra171511d ago

Wii was a bad and stupid name from the start, adding a U to it didn't change that fact.

Canary-00831511d ago

It is silly, but not that silly. I think the XB3 wins the prize for stupidest platform name.

That said, the WiiU would probably get more traction in the English speaking world if it were called something like the Super Nintendo Wii.

mcstorm1511d ago

I think if they had called it this people would still get confused as gaming is different to when we had the NES and SNES. Geeks played and followed games where now a days everyone dose and it has to be more simple for them to follow. IE PS1,2,3,3 Xbox, 360, N64, Gamecube,wii ect. Look at the 3DS people thought it was a DS with 3D not a new console.

For me the WiiU is the underrated console of this gen so far but it dose only have a small market to work with as a lot of gamers just want to play Fifa, COD, BF, AC YOY and this is why each year they are the highest selling games. The WiiU not having them will and is hurting sales.

Nintendo now need to start to look at how its console can be marked against the IP's people are only interested in or to sell its console to a small market but still make money from it.

iliimaster1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

i love my wiiU but not just the name they went allllll out and let you easily use the wii mote aswell, it almost looks like the wii and same Menu/store design, no dvd playback or bluray movies either. Someone at nintendo whos really important hates DVDs and change it seems.. but the console is fun to play

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