Everybody's Gone to the Remaster

Are Developers Only Going To Keep Announcing Old Remastered Games?

We all love a good remake here and there, but are we destined to re-expereince every old title on what should be consoles of the Future? Is it a lack of innovation, ideas or just plain laziness why developers choose to port games from way back when . . .

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lisamorgan41506d ago

I didn't buy my PS4 and Xbox one to play old remasters.

alvinmiller921506d ago

Nice for some to afford both consoles. I am a big resident evil fan so didn't mind hearing this news at all :)

funkybudda1506d ago

RE series could use a reboot, not a remastered.

lisamorgan41506d ago

variety is the spice of life ;) though i do prefer playing my PS4 a lot more lately than my Xbox one.

JsonHenry1506d ago

Then don't buy them. If this was forced on us (or the only games being made period) I would complain. But no one is making you purchase them. Don't like it? Vote with your money.

I am actually looking forward to some remastered games. Others not so much.

MuhammadJA1505d ago

"Then don't buy them." That's the problem right here. Yes, some won't buy them, but the majority will. This will only leads to stagnation of new IPs.

Why make new IPs or sequels when older games can still make a profit? Let's repackage older games! The sheep will flock to them!

JsonHenry1504d ago

Because if the market approves the people have spoken. They want remasters. Whether you like it or not, enough people have said with their money they want remasters and they will get remasters. You don't hear my crying because people still make and sell country music even though I can't stand to listen to it. They will make new games and new IPs. They will just also make the occasional remaster.

Deal with it.

charliewong9801506d ago

I think the only reason this remastered thing bothers a lot of people so much is because, we were sold a next generation of gaming crap. There is nothing innovative about remastering old games on new consoles. i agree with the author, gamers should be demanding more from developers. I played this remake on gamecube. It shouldn't be on the PS4.

patelsanjeed1506d ago

The gamecube version was probably the best version of Resident Evil I played. I will buy it again if the price is reasonable.

ArronNelson1506d ago

I think developers are getting lazy, pumping out the same stuff under the remastered banner.

Frankskint1506d ago

It bothers me, if all we have to loo forward to is remasters after remasters, I can understand if its TLOUR or even GTAV cause those games were pushing PS3 but now its kind of getting silly.

MuhammadJA1505d ago

They're easy money and risk free for devs.

Venox20081506d ago

I understand that, but since many people have HD TVs I think it's a good idea to revisit some games.. I would love to have RE:0 as well on PC & PS4

SaveFerris1506d ago

I wish there was going to be a Witcher 1 & 2 Remaster for current gen consoles.

n4rc1506d ago

Its getting a little old... But if a developer really felt their game was held back by last gen hardware, who am I to tell them not to do it?

It won't be an issue in another month..

caseh1506d ago

If that were really the case, about it being held back they should be developing for PCs not consoles.

wonderfulmonkeyman1506d ago

Case by case basis, honestly.
I mean, if the game they're remastering either had a few ports of it done already, or the original just barely came out not to long ago, then I can see why some would prefer to have a new game instead.
But for older games, like Duck Tales?
I'd say it's more than welcome because it's been long enough.

henrythomas2841506d ago

Ducktales felt like a proper remaster from pixels to cartoon, but why not just release a brand new game entirely than all these remasters. They might as well have just called it PS4 Remastered or Xbox One Remastered

Gh05t1506d ago

To me let the consumers speak for themselves. If they release a remaster for whatever reason and it sells well than it was in demand... If it fails to sell then they will rethink the idea of creating another remaster.

I for one like the remastered older games like Monkey Island and Duck Tales. There are a few games that I would love to see get an HD remake like Adventure Island and a few others that would be nice.

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