Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker will be more than a "fleshed out mini-game"

Nintendo Canada's Matt Ryan speaks about "Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker" on Wii U being a fully fledged puzzle-platformer game.

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N4g_null1446d ago

Nintendo has been making puzzle games for a while though. The puzzle where surprisingly hard for new comers though.

I'm guessing nintendo has a ton of modes and other puzzles in this game.

Metallox1446d ago

You can only expect good stuff from Nintendo EAD Tokyo.

wonderfulmonkeyman1446d ago

inb4 a flood of downplaying trolls calling this a kiddy game that won't be interesting to "adults".

Anyways, I might just pick this up. It's been quite a while since I've had a game that makes me think from various angles to solve its puzzles, and if the later levels get difficult then this might have more than a bit of value to me.

MSBAUSTX1445d ago

Not to mention it is only $40. It is an incredible value for its game play and even more so at that price. Well worth it.

MSBAUSTX1445d ago

Really looking forward to this game. It will be fresh and fun to play something that seems familiar but is entirely new. Cant wait.