£170 Master Chief Collection Sold Out Already

This morning various outlets reported on a version of the Master Chief Collection. It comes complete with a statue of the titular hero and cost somewhere in the region of £170. Just a few hours after those stories hit the web, Game have sold out of copies. If you were interested in receiving the statue alongside your limited edition version of the remaster collection, you'd better start searching eBay instead.

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christocolus1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

What did you expect? This is Halo we are talking about here. : )

matgrowcott1439d ago

Yeah, it's a big seller, but a lot of people were asking why anybody would ever pay £170 for a game, even if it comes with a statuette.

Guess there's enough people out there who are happy to do so, and this proves it.

SaveFerris1439d ago

HALO is a phenomenon!

(Not to be confused with the film starring John Travolta).

AdamRoffel1439d ago

I think its safe to assume then that these editions won't be sold for a bargain a year after launch. I just recently scored the AC4 bundle with statue, soundtrack, and more for 20.00 CAD.