Footage of Lost Akira Game Surfaces

Akira, the classic well-loved animated action film from Katsuhiro Otomo, had a couple of video game adaptations back in the day, but nothing especially interesting. THQ had been working on a pretty major one - a platformer very much in the vein of "adult platformers" of the time - but it eventually got cancelled. Now, twenty years later, footage has surfaced of just what the title might have looked like.

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SmokingMonkey1473d ago

My Little Big Planet Akira levels were better than that! Bikes, gut spilling and shooting Tetsuo as a blob boss fight! Still would have boughten this.

ThichQuangDuck1473d ago

Akira American remake is coming to disappoint us no worries

e-p-ayeaH1472d ago

This would sell pretty well if it ever came out.