Nintendo Teasing The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Remake... Again

GR: Nintendo is once again teasing Zelda fans (like myself) who are still crossing their fingers in hopes of a remake of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

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Wedge191504d ago

Still not going to get me to buy a Wii U. Perhaps as a 3DS game, I'll play it on my wife's, but I'm still not convinced on the Wii U.

Reeze1504d ago

The Wii U has an amazing selection of games, and even more are coming.

equal_youth1504d ago

it looked better by now and lets wait and see what nintendo has in store for us over the next months.

Ilovetheps41504d ago

I don't know why you aren't convinced yet. Of the current generation of consoles, the Wii U has the best selection of games in my opinion. I never play my PS4 right now. The catalog just isn't there. But the Wii U has plent of games already and quite a few coming out soon. In my opinion, it'd be harder to justify a purchase of a PS4 or XB1.

Wedge191504d ago

It's got some great games, sure, but I don't have a disposable income and I am heavily invested in the PlayStation ecosystem right now, so a Wii U isn't in my future plans. I know I'm missing out on some great stuff I'd love to play, but it just isn't going to happen for me. Zelda and Smash alone should be enough for me, but I don't have a few hundred bucks laying around for that.

wonderfulmonkeyman1504d ago

With that attitude, I'm not even sure I want you to get one and become a part of the community.
Not that I need to worry, though, since you obviously don't actually want one at all in the first place.

Wedge191504d ago

No attitude. I simply said I don't think this would be enough to push me over the edge. Not hating on ninty at all. They are a great company. I just don't have disposable income or time to put into a second current gen console right now, not to mention no kids at home, so my tastes lean in a different direction.

Chrischi19881504d ago

Not trying to hate or anything, but what would make you buy one? There are a lot of great games announced and more to come. I know they are not the same as PS4, but that is also, what makes it kind of special. Wii Us library is almost completely exclusive to the Wii U. Many say they wont buy it for one game, but they said this on every game, that came and that was more than 5 times now. I dont see more than 5 games on any of the new consoles. Of course, everyone can make a game list longer than 5 games, that is obviously not what I mean.

Wedge191504d ago

Innovation, I think. I haven't seen many things change in years and years over at Ninty. They are a fantastic company (and many people seem to take my comment out of context).

It's just not worth the few hundred dollars to me. I'm already invested in the PlayStation ecosystem too, (not to mention writing for a PlayStation site), so for me to fork money and time over to another console, it has to take something REALLY special. There are some great things for the Wii U, and yeah, the PS4 and Xbox One have limited offerings as well. But as a PS4 owner already, I can't justify owning a second current gen console at this point in my life. Nothing inherently against the Wii U, just my own situation.

thezeldadoth1504d ago

ignore the flamebait comment

Wedge191504d ago

Ignore the reply to the (reportedly) flamebait comment.

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DryBoneKoopa851504d ago

I hope it comes to Wii U with a huge graphical haul done it much like that fan made trailer.

Right now I'm doing a Legend Of Zelda trilogy playthrough. Just finished the very first LoZ on the Wii U. Picking up the second one tomorrow on the Wii U.

MSBAUSTX1504d ago

I hope it come to the U as well. Wind Waker HD was amazing. I loved playing it again and it was remastered beautifully.

equal_youth1504d ago

just make it happen! NAOW!!!

fatneal1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

we all know its coming...honestly if they did a full remaster like they did with wind waker/OoT for wiiU and released it early fall next year right after they announce zeldaU is delayed til 2016 i would be more than happy

Canary-00831504d ago

This is not a tease for a new game. Christ, people, you need to allow Nintendo to acknowledge that Majora's Mask is a thing that exists.

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