Grand Theft Auto 5 Ships 34 Million Units, Take Two Posts Losses

This is the week of financial reports and Take Two Interactive has announced that for its first fiscal quarter of 2015 (ending on June 30th 2014) it shipped 34 million units for Grand Theft Auto 5. This isn’t the number of units sold through though but we’re pretty sure the actual number of units sold would be fairly close.

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Goro1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Edit: My bad, the guy below me is correct.

antbolton891446d ago

There is more to this article than the shipped numbers of GTA 5

3-4-51446d ago

They spent $350 million on GTA5, but in all honesty, only looks like they invested about $150 million and pocketed the rest.

Not sure how they post a loss though.

Terrible management.

CaptainFist1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Actually, they spent $260 million on the game, not $350mil.

nicksetzer11446d ago

How could they possibly show losses? That is just insane.

funkybudda1446d ago

yea, this is shocking...

slinky1234561446d ago

Let's say they sold 29mil units. Not including digital, obviously. And let's say they make $40 per unit. That's fair after not including digital and what-not. They could make more actually. So that's $1,160,000,000. A Billion. What are they doing in other developments to make that a loss? Even though most of that was last year I'm sure almost %40 of that was this year.

Strange_Evil1446d ago

The loss is quarterly. They haven't had any releases this quarter and so for the span of the past 3 months their operating cost is more than the profits GTA brings in. GTA predominantly sold most of it's copies last year. I am pretty sure they'll post a huge profit annually (owing to the massive GTA sales) but your numbers don't reflect a companies quarterly performance.

I imagine they sold a million or 2 units this quarter and they have a massive team (not to account that GTA is now cheaper and they won't be getting 40$/copy after cutting the other factors).

Chevalier1446d ago

Exactly and with NBA 2K15 and WWE 2K15 due out soon and GTA V on next gen expect them to make a lot of money this fall.

hkgamer1446d ago

i think publishers get 30%, retailers get just under 25% and platform holders get 20%.

digital probably just splits the retailers cut 50%.

could be wrong though.

jnemesh1446d ago

Is this similar to Hollywood's accounting practices? Are they showing a loss on paper so they can screw creators out of their share of the profits? I can't see how they could sell 34 million copies of a game and come out in the red! Something is fishy at Take Two!

MajorLazer1446d ago

It's just for this quarter

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