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Players Loosing Interest In World of Warcraft. Almost 1 Million Players Left The Game In 3 Months

Blizzard Entertainment seems to be worried about the drop of World of Warcraft subscribers by confirming that over 800,000 are already dropped since March 31. These figures were released during the April-June three month quarter by Blizzard yesterday. (Activision, Activision Blizzard Inc., PC, World of Warcraft)

pwnsause_returns  +   234d ago
this could be the end of the world.....of warcraft....
Magicite  +   233d ago
MMO is all about content, but blizzard havent added anything new for quite a while into wow.

Meanwhile FF14 is getting patches with new content every few months.

Im still gonna get back into wow when next xpack comes, but if they continue like now, wow will inevitably die and soon.

Saying this as years-long wow player.
UnwanteDreams  +   233d ago
I agree about content. All the WoW players I know arent playing but give that as the reason. I only know a handful though.
mafiahajeri  +   234d ago
Ffs release info about project Titan and maybe that will get people excited and get those numbers up.
faddi  +   234d ago
From 12 million in 2010 to 6.8 million subscribers in 2014. This is bad news for Blizzard.
BobbytheBuilder  +   233d ago
does it really matter though? this game is ancient and still has more subscribers than any other mmo. But this is a good sign because I think this may force blizzard to release something new.
Doge  +   234d ago
Considering that the last big content patch was almost a year ago, it doesn't surprise me. They'll come back once WoD is out.
Tetsujin  +   233d ago
I know a WoW player who argues "active 10+ million and this is all sensational news." I swear sometimes he gets on my nerves with how he swears WoW is the "end all" and believes all games need to follow what they do.

People get bored with it; Release new expansion, play the story till you beat it, raids until someone get bored, move on to another game until next expansion. Some people get tired of the same rotation and find new experiences/games. I wouldn't be surprised if the new expansion comes out, and the game still declines after the hype dies out.
letsa_go  +   233d ago
ShrektheHulk  +   233d ago
The internet is a stupid place...It's spelled 'Losing' not "Loosing". Loosing isn't a word, and I die a little inside every time I see it used. It seems like it's become more commonplace in the past couple of years. I don't know if this is because people think it's cute to misspell things, or they genuinely don't know how to spell. I don't know which would be worse.
Zichu  +   233d ago
This is what happens when you let anyone become a journalist lol. A kid writes a couple of articles and suddenly he's a journalist with terrible spelling and grammar...
boneso82  +   233d ago
Also annoying from a spelling and grammar standpoint is people using the word "then" instead of "than", particularly after the word "more". It's scary how many kids in school, and even educated adults, have pre-school reading and writing abilities.

WoW is still massive and, makes tens of millions of dollars every month. Blizzard do not need to worry just yet.
crazysammy  +   233d ago
Preach on brother!
STK026  +   233d ago
It'S the end of life for the last expansion, people have run out of content and are leaving the game. Numbers will be up when the new expansion comes out. There is, year over year, a decline in players, but there is little doubt that WoW will remain the dominant subscription-based MMO in terms of subscribers for the next few years.
Saryk  +   233d ago
People are not losing interest in WoW. People are losing interest in playing a subscription and having too many F2P MMO choices. My MMO of choice is Guild Wars 2 and The Secret World, both are buy to play, which I prefer!
xX1NORM1Xx  +   233d ago
I want to play wow but I don't like paying a sub for one game :( I played until level 20 for free or whatever it was and quite enjoyed it maybe I'll pay for a 3 month code and just play it non stop one time
scottieleverne  +   233d ago
I recently went back and tried to play after an absence of a few years only to be horrified by all the features and options they've removed. They've completely nerfed the game and it's now for 5 yr olds. Really sad stuff.
Paprika  +   233d ago
People complain about ffxiv content running dry at end game and usually a month or two after the updates people slow down their play time, some practically quit till the next patch. Wow has had nothing for ages, same story! News on a new update will bring a large percentage back!

But, blizzard need a successor to wow, it's pretty old. Still support it sure. As final fantasy 11 is, but its maybe time to progress!
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Ghost_Nappa  +   233d ago
It's almost like it's 10 years old or something.
DarXyde  +   233d ago
I think this is pretty necessary. People's lives have been destroyed by the game and it doesn't help that the most evil gaming company out there (that would be Activision) is involved and profiting from this. Sure, these people should exercise more restraint and not put a game before their real lives, but Blizzard and Activision didn't exactly try very hard to put an end to that. If anything, they've enabled it.
i consider wow like gaming junk food.
GeddyThePolack  +   233d ago
800,000 subscribers still equals over a billion dollars a year in subscription revenue so I definitely wouldn't say its in any trouble.
GeddyThePolack  +   233d ago
Sorry meant to say 6.8 million instead of 800,000
contradictory  +   233d ago
i find it funny that people are still playing WoW in 2014
must be doing something right i guess
jjb1981  +   232d ago
I hate it when I loose

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