Naruto Storm Revolution: Gaara Awakens to Shukaku

New scan for the game confirms a new awakening.

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ltachiUchiha1414d ago

The last Manga Chapter was amazing. I wont spoil it for those who dont read the Manga but lets just say lol, man I wanna tell yall haha. Those who read the Manga, if u havent read it, go read it now. EPIC CHAPTER. 5 out of 5 for me.

kingdom181414d ago

I can't really get into reading Manga unfortunately :/

ltachiUchiha1414d ago

Same here, its alwayz better in action but with all the fillers the episodes are way behind so im kinda impatient to wait & plus i hate getting spoiled by friends & family members so its why i read the manga so they dont spoil it for me.

linkk1331414d ago

Nice but when it will release for next-gen

thejigisup1414d ago

I've pretty much moved on from previous gen. I love my ps3 but unless the game is earth shattering and not available on next gen systems I won't buy it. It's a shame I feel like I can miss this one. There will be a new Naruto game on ps4 at some point do, I'll just wait.