Evolve delayed - should we be worried?

Dealspwn writes: "2K claims that the game will benefit from four months of extra polish, citing an "overwhelmingly positive response from press and fans," but should we be worried that the asymmetrical multiplayer experience isn't shaping up properly at this late stage?"

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scark921266d ago

I personally think delays are a good thing!

showtimefolks1266d ago

delays are good majority of the times, GTA5 was delayed, the last of us was delayed, and we all know they turned out great

q1-q2 2015 will be packed

witcher 3
the order 1886
battlefield hardline
bloodbrone(supposedly q2 2015, i am sure we will find out more at gamescom/tgs)

joab7771266d ago

It's because of the consumer base. It's why every game that is next Gen only has been delayed. The consoles sold isn't enough to maximize profit. Why not wait til Xmas and tax season hit and then release it?

Jdoki1266d ago

I'm more worried about second rate journalists creating these constant 'should we be worried' articles instead of reporting real news

equal_youth1266d ago

thats the problem though i have missed when game journalism turned into this sh*t

lifesanrpg1266d ago

It's important to realize that not every site posting on N4G should be considered "journalistic"

cruzngta1266d ago

Keep it in the cooker...

nope1111266d ago

2014 is the year of delays.

Not a bad thing though.

venom061266d ago

that a stupid question.. Delays = more time for development.. thats ALWAYS a good thing..

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The story is too old to be commented.
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