Can Historical Events Ever be Suitable for Video Games?

‘Game’ the semantics of this are clear – something fun, something that is played, or on the extremities of this word’s meaning you could link it to challenge or a task. Gaming even from the times of the Atari has used real events as a basis for their game, but should games be allowed to use real life events for the pursuit of fun? illgottenbrain examines this idea.

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MSBAUSTX1323d ago

Um, COD has been a success by standing on the backs of real men that died in real events as well as the Medal Of Honor series. Medal of Honor Frontline started off right at D Day and that was probably the best MOH game I had ever played. So I would say yes games can and should be based on such events and told true to detail to bring out the emotions that were actually fealt durring the events. The picture shown of the world trade center should not be in a game for a long time though. The generation that suffered that tragedy is still alive and playing games. I dont think it is ready for that but some day the story of Bin Laden and the way he was taken down, as Black Ops 2 told its story of Noriega truthfully or not, should be told to people and allow them to somewhat live the experience. In closing, real life events and disasters should be used as a tool to teach history and get people involved in the events in a way that they enjoy rather than cramming information from a book. Some of the footage and events told in WW2 games is good history. Of course they never show the concentration camps, which is understandable, doesnt mean there isnt history being shown.

pinkcrocodile751323d ago

This is a really good question!

I suppose my feeling is YES for anything and everything.

This includes the following, how for any other reason than it is history;

Perl harbour
Nagasake and Hiroshima
Invasion of Iraq
11/09 US Attack
07/07 London Attack
Recent Tsunami
Earthquake in Japan (Thats a good one for a back drop)

I suppose my point is, you either cover all of history or none of it.

There is no point catering to peoples feelings.

Bubbamilk1323d ago

Should totally be a 9/11 game. Where u are a group of firefighters using tactics to save lives. Actually I'm not sure why this doesn't exist. It would cause a stir which would only build the hype. Make it to where u make it all he way to the top floor against all odds. It could even have a really good story even if its unrealistic.

There is that terrible movie ie never seen but the video game I might just check that out.