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Submitted by Pozzle 480d ago | opinion piece

I’m Trading My Xbox One for a PS4, and Here’s Why

GottaBeMobile: The Xbox One and PS4 have been out on the market for around eight and nine months, respectively. However, it hasn’t even been a full year yet, and I’m already thinking about switching sides. (PS4, Xbox One)

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DEEBO  +   480d ago | Well said
I have both but most of time is on the ps4. They are bringing out the better games and multiplatform games are better on it.

But i wouldn't trade my x1 for a ps4 or ps4 for a x1.

Own both(if you can)is really the best option.
equal_youth  +   480d ago
also you can stay out of this pathetic debacle that is called the console war. i don't like my x1 as much as my ps4 for obvious reasons and to speak after ms wants me to is just not my thing.
XStation  +   480d ago
Those "obvious reasons" are probably not good reasons..
afterMoth  +   480d ago
Main reason, caring about games instead of skype. The best gaming experiences are on the PS4.

Now if you want to skype with your Russian mail order bride then get an Xbox One, or PC or one of the many other devices that do skype.
Rocky5  +   480d ago
See when you have Skype & playing a game with your cousin or mates & you score or kill them its so much more satisfying seeing their face & giving them the finger shouting YEAH!!!!! up yours lol

immature but hey we're in the game to win.

What I'm saying is dont bitch about a feature the competition doesn't have, once you have it its hard to not go back.

In the end it's our opinion & were all entitled to it, but actively downplaying a feature that can also improve your gaming experience is wrong.
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CloudRap  +   480d ago
Its a fact that no one had more fun on the same game on ps4 than on x1 the only real advantage is a few pixels. Xb1 still has the more streamlined OS and a slightly (ds4 is fantastic too) controller. For me this fall its Halo MCC/AW on X1, and GTA5/Destiny on PS4. Both are great all of you idiots bashing it probably have never even used one the only people who can really comment are those who own both. Get on my level you brokeass fanboys.
abzdiine  +   480d ago
I have wii u and ps4. Dont see how 2 "similar" consoles can be the best option.
equal_youth  +   480d ago
mainly to play the best of the best what mostly means exclusives like uncharted or sunset overdrive or quantum break. thats how it goes for me. maybe the halo collection to play all this glorious maps in split screen with friends.

edit: @ redwin: i agree on the article
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redwin  +   480d ago
I also have them both and I prefer my Xbox but I wouldn't sell my ps4. I think thi website neede some hits. This kind of article is like showing nudity in a bad B movie. Ridiculous reasons is all he can come up with. He threw a Hail Mary with thia "blog", it sounds desperate. If the ps4 had GT and he gave the reasons he gave, perhaps I would have believed him but he there is no GT otherwise I would have bough it. This guy is not even a gamer. He gave no specifics about the games everything he said was generic, car and tracks numbers and explained no distinctions between the Xbox One and the PS4. This guys argument holds no water .
PurpleDragon96  +   480d ago

Not a big fan of having the screen space for the game shrink and prefer to do this on a secondary screen, and PS4 users can still do just that with skype on a phone, tablet, or laptop. Hardly a must have feature, or even a particularly convenient one at that.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   479d ago
He says hes not interested in X1 games because hes a sports game fan and PS4 has MLB series that he likes plus he thinks GT series is better.

That's how he feels and I respect that.

game On.
donthate  +   479d ago
I am on Xbox One more, mostly because I like to play Titanfall, and the online is better.

Dedicated servers on Titanfall, but P2P on KillZone. Titanfall is more fun anyhow. Now that I got EA Access, I suspect this will continue.

Practically everything the PS4 has, the Xbox One does, or does better.

I don't play indie games, so that leaves a lot to be desired on PS4 (and Xbox One, just less).

That said, I am expecting great things to come to both soon!
XBLSkull  +   479d ago
I also own both but am on the Xbox way more than my PS4. Literally the first time I've had my PS4 on since February is when last of us remaster came out last week, thats about 6 months that I really didn't need to own my PS4. Everything is just done better on the Xbox, minus a few framerate/resolution discrepancies.
bandit905  +   479d ago
i disagree with @aftermoth, the best gaming experience isnt on a ps4 lmao, what are you smoking...but anyways, i use my x1 for the social/ steaming features and the exclusives, but for the
"best gaming experience" higher res,fps, and community mods i use a pc for that
sonarus  +   479d ago
I never really understood the logic of pc has most superior graphics and gaming experience therefore i would rather have Xbox. If you feel pc has most superior gaming experience then why don't you just play all your games on pc. Why not play Titanfall on pc and all the other ps4 games that are on pc? Why even bother with a console?
bennissimo  +   479d ago
I played the heck out of Guacamelee over the last two weeks, and I'm getting back into Titanfall.

Prior to that, I was all over my PS4.

Having both consoles to satisfy the gaming itch is a far, far superior solution.
BattleAxe  +   479d ago
If you've already spent the money on an Xbox One, then stick with it. PS4 doesn't have much more to offer over Xbox One at this point anyway. I also highly doubt that Phil Spencer is going to sit idly by, and let Sony dominate the console space unchallenged.

I predict that this whole thing with EA, and Sony's public denouncing of EA Access will not go over well. This probably goes back to when EA announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft at E3 2013. And I'm sure that EA making Titanfall an Xbox One Exclusive didn't sit well with Sony either.

Basically, I think that there is more going on behind the scenes between Microsoft and EA. Not only do I think that Titanfall 2 will be an Xbox One exclusive, but I believe that they will announce another big IP as an exclusive also. This could potentially turn the tide in Microsoft's favour in a big way. This is all speculation, but I think that E3 will be full of surprises next year. This industry is waiting and ready for a major re-shuffle.
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UltraNova  +   479d ago
Reading through this opinion piece you can get a pretty good picture as to how different people see things from each other...

For me its the story driven single player games that steal the show, that is why I prefer the Playstation platform (that is while we still get SP games..).
Utalkin2me  +   479d ago
Multiplatform games say hi, and i don't have to say anything else.
MazzingerZ  +   479d ago
I would keep it, there will always be good games to play on both, play the best of the best, rather than pretend to be hyped for certain games just because there's no more to play.
PinkCrocodile75  +   480d ago
I don't understand the point of this article.

If the author wants to trade in his X1 for a PS4.. Great!, but why should I care?

He's made a statement, his decision is clear. The article would spike a better debate is he phrased it as a question instead.

This is worse than Jeremy Kyle or "Don't touch me you poor person" Oprah!

So he wants rid.. Fine... So what?
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Nicaragua  +   480d ago
Jeez, its not that complicated - he simply decided to write about his choice.

Clearly people are reading the article and commenting on it, so its not like he did something completely mental or without justification.

Writers write stuff, crazy but true.
nicksetzer1  +   480d ago
@nicaragua no he wrote it to incite a fanboy war and get hits. There is no real reason anyone should care what he does otherwise.
xHeavYx  +   480d ago
If you don't care, why read the article and comment?
BillmadeAGate  +   480d ago
I'm gonna have to agree with @nicksetzer this article is like most trash on n4g.. flamebait
rawz  +   480d ago
So would you answer the question now - what are you doing in this article, what are you doing in N4G?

I agree that the article titles can be misleading sometimes. Although after regularly reading N4G it's not hard to spot a decent article.

Just because you don't like what you read, doesn't make the article trash.
mcarsehat  +   480d ago
I'm trading in my interest for sympathy towards the twonk that is trading in a £450 console for about £150.
PinkCrocodile75  +   479d ago
@heavy and @raw

I stupidly thought there may be some insight into choice or that it would be some genuine form of journalism and maybe, just maybe he would phrase the arguement in question form so a sensible debate could come from it.

However after reading it I realised that he was just writing an opinion piece.

I suggest that N4G should shove a banner over the image of these pieces saying "opinion" so that I, and many others can avoid them.

It's a bit like watching telly. 90% sh!te and 10% interesting news.
Utalkin2me  +   479d ago

You read it and commented, accomplished. Otherwise do not.
memots  +   479d ago
i traded my xbo for a ps4 and a single fok was given.... except for the 200+ comments here ...,ooooh the irony
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RosweeSon  +   480d ago
Generally I'd agree having always owned more than one console but currently owning a 360 and a wii u, 3DS ps3/4 and a vita i just don't have time for another console, besides retiring my xbox in next week or 2 good ran out a whole back so just gonna enjoy some quality and cheap gaming on ps3/4 free games every month since launch (on ps4 anyway) winner, I'm not fully writing the xbox one off but as you say better games are on ps4 the multiplatform games are constantly looking better on ps4 over xbox one I'd rather get a PC at the moment and that's saying something, not gonna happen but that's the same as xbox one not buying one this year and I'll be suprised if I get one next year either maybe treat myself for Christmas 2015 but yeah no rush nothing says buy me for more money than the better ps4 where you'll get free games every month sure xbox one do this now but it's all an after thought and only being done to keep up with the Jones' competition, I'll wait for another price cut (maybe even another as there will likely be one this year) but nah not even considering it for over £349 without kinect no thanks, don't really want kinect but when I could have bought an xbox one with titanfall and kinect for barely £350/380 the new kinect less model is well over prices, sub £299 possibly but I'll wait til it's nearer £200/250 with a game or 2 free,, look at the very original xbox they reduced it massively redesigned the controller and chucked in 3 of the best games, yeah think ill wait this out on microsoft's next gen Attempt, I say attempt as if your previous console can do 90% of your features but better than your newer more technical next gen console then something clearly doesn't add up, I haven't seen anything since last year when the consoles were revealed that says Microsoft are trying hard, trying sure but hard not really, they offer free games now, wow sony have only been doing that for a couple of years, Microsoft are such blatant rip offs I'm suprised they get away with it.
Dontworrybhappy  +   480d ago
Holy hell dude! I thought you said you didn't have enough time, but just look at those phat ass walls of text!? Holy crap!
Angerfist  +   479d ago
Mega24  +   480d ago
Fanboys are going to be fanboys, do anything to start a cyber fight. Keyboard warriors are like that.
RosweeSon  +   480d ago
Why's everything a fight cant people just not have a conversation even if it's long winded just seems to take a looooong time for stuff to get through to some people (clearly biased fanboys?) Just because people's views are not the same as your own doesn't mean it's a personal challenge or they are slating your console it's just their person opinion in this case mine, I said myself I'm not writing the xbox off ( I think they may have a few £/€/$ in reserve) but it doesn't mean I'm starting a fight I'm just trying to get people to not be so blind with certain companies as they enjoy them so much, nothing wrong with that but when it's making you biased and willing to take any rubbish they throw at you that's a bit of a worry I'm just trying to save some people some cash help people make informed decisions as I've been gaming on every platform under the sun for over 25 years, and yes I've played my mates xbox one but when he's saying he's my overly impressed and my other xbox one mate is paying me to borrow my ps4 for a week think that says something, that and even the American people who you would think would be biased towards an American based games console again nothing wrong with supporting your own country but even they are not overly keen on xbox one hence why there's a massive shift and they are all buying ps4's if the Americans don't want xbox one when they get all the bells and whistles ,extra features than most in different regions) the why would I want one, granted I didn't just buy the ps4 because Americans were and everybody I else I bought because I wanted one so i got one, on launch day as I was happy with with they were offering and more importantly showing us of their future for the platform, im more happy in trusting sony over Microsoft and that's saying something coming from the ps 1/2 days

I will just repeat I am not fighting anyone just simply saying that shop around check out the competition what's the worst the could happen you might enjoy it, games are great on various different systems but xbox one is not up to scratch currently and to be honest I don't even know what they have planned other than releasing a white console, that will sort out this whole xbox fiasco, a new colour, nice one, at the least they've got there priorities sorted how can we pull the wool over everyone's eyes?? Hmmm you've already had a price cut one xbox one what more do you want from them before people will accept xbox one is just not as good a console as promised as ps4 while maybe not right this second but in the very best future and even now I'd say it's a much better system it's cheaper and I've been getting free games since launch day, not waiting for the next price cut as microsoft will likely have another one in time for Christmas if not very early 2015, hey ho I'll be busy on my ps4 not taking you outside to kick your face in, it's not my style I'm a bit more civilised and just have a conversation , yeah conversation not argument or personal attack.
TardcoreGamer  +   480d ago
Does the x1's controller make your hands cramp up? or is it just me.
I own all controllers btw (xb360 ds3 ds4)and recently purchased the x1 and I'm having trouble with hand cramps when using it for extended periods. An otherwise great controller.
TardcoreGamer  +   480d ago
for clarification, I didn't buy the Xbox One console. Just the controller itself.
jnemesh  +   480d ago
I didn't buy an X1 or the controller, but I played with the console on display at the local Fred Meyer. My impression was that it was MUCH LESS comfortable to use than the 360 controller. I also noticed that if you shook the controller, the triggers and/or bumper buttons actually rattled because they weren't tightly fitted!

The construction of the controller felt cheap to me. I also disliked the glossy finish on the triggers and short, it just didn't feel "right".

Conversely, my DS4 feels like a revelation! The D-pad is FINALLY a good one, very responsive, with a definite "click" feeling when you press down. I don't get the thumb fatigue I did with either the DS3 or 360 controller when using the D-pad on the DS4.

Also, the analog sticks feel tighter and more precise. I am not having the peeling issue that some are complaining about, either. The triggers feel tight, and I love both the shape and the texture of the triggers and bumpers.

The angle and size of the handgrips has changed too. They are wider apart, as are the analog sticks...I no longer hit my thumbs together when playing dual stick shooters...and the grips fit my larger size hands nicely.

The touchpad is a very nice addition as well...ESPECIALLY for text input. I am hoping more games start supporting it, as it really expands the number of inputs available on the controller!

In fact, my only real gripes are fairly minor. One, I wish the batter life was better...not a huge deal to me, because I am close enough where I can just plug in if the battery gets low...but a concern for others, I am sure...and the size and positioning of the "Share" and "Options" buttons make them harder to find.

Overall, though, I think this is the best controller I have used to date, and I am VERY happy with it!
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Magicite  +   480d ago
Not everyone can afford both just yet. Hell, not everyone can afford even a single.
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danny818  +   480d ago
im trading my ps4 for the xbox one. Only because im gonna get the white ps4 in the holidays. I think both systems are really good, idk why xbox gets so much hate
chrisarsenalsavart  +   479d ago
Love my ps4 to death but I m really enjoying my x1 and WIIU. I can understand why not everyone can afford that but some fanboys should try that just to remove that mind control that a brand has over them.
XxExacutionerxX  +   480d ago
I would love to use the Xbox One controller on the PS4. I'm sorry but the PS4 controller didnt win this gen for me.
DeadlyOreo  +   480d ago
Why are you apologising? The PS4 controller did win it this gen for me.

Opinions are fun.
TheRedButterfly  +   479d ago
X360 > XO > DS4 > Wii U Gamepad > Wii Wand > DS3

I could go on, but I don't feel like going all the way back to the NES, so I'll stop at 7th gen.
ramiuk1  +   480d ago
i still cant think of a reason for a xb1 yet,i thought i wanted titanfall but after playing it for while i was bored and DR3 etc not my kind of thing and although they changed Top guy ,i still think MS is unsurre of there direction.

My ps4 will never be sold or swapped for what is imo by far inferior.
sunset overdrive looks fun but not £350 fun
chrisarsenalsavart  +   479d ago
X1 is not that inferior. Great games are coming for it.
Some people here think x1 is as powerful as a WIIU. After playing RYSE I knew that machine means business.
I still think ps4 is more powerful but that never been the main factor in console gaming
Ex :ps2<GameCube<x1
And guess which one had the best game library?
SmielmaN  +   479d ago
The Sony one.
BallsEye  +   480d ago
I have both as well (waiting for nerdstalker Ps4marksthespotnotx to diss me n say photos of my consoles I showed are made at friend's place..) but I do spend most of time on XO. Just preffer the game choice there. Having lot's of fun still in Dead Rising, Titanfall, Project Spark, Ryse MP and some Forza. I just keep on playing these games. My ps4 stays untouched since I've finished KZ2 (except there's only infamous from AAA exclusives and it's just not my kind of game). It comes down to preference.

As for the article...who the F cares that you trade in your XO?! Who approve this kind of garbage articles? This is NEWS for gamers. NEWS! DO we need a crap opinion article every day about how bad XO is? Let the disagrees begin. Not suprised at all.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   479d ago
Apparently this is waay more than announcing King Of Wushu MMO coming to X1. To further expand the X1 game library.

Or Diablo III hitting 1080p on X1 since 1080p is still the most important thing on earth to gaming to allot of people still.

Like I stated above I respect the guys decision but this piece is no different than going to a personal blog and reading all the same reasons.
ziggurcat  +   479d ago
"My ps4 stays untouched since I've finished KZ2 except there's only infamous from AAA exclusives and it's just not my kind of game)."

killzone 2 is on PS4, now? that's proof right there that you don't actually own a PS4. something also tells me that it doesn't matter what game is out on PS4, you would still say that it's not "your kind of game."

"who the F cares that you trade in your XO?!"

would you say the same thing if it was the other way around? i doubt you would.

"DO we need a crap opinion article every day about how bad XO is?"

if you actually read the article, the author's reasons are because of the games (he prefers sports games, and there's not enough of them on xbone *for him*), not the actual console. the author doesn't say anything along the lines of the xbone being bad at all.
N8  +   479d ago
I have both as well. My friend has an x1 and said he has nothing to play. I told him to get a ps4 and he looked at me like I had two heads. Some people are just one console gamers.
JustInTlME  +   479d ago
Like DEESO says, just own both... thats the best solution. I have like every console, including mutliples of each.....just save money. I'm not at all rich, haha.
Pogmathoin  +   479d ago
Deebo, well said, I own both, and still use 360/PS3 more..... I play games, not participate in some 'war' for obsessive depraved fanboys.
smellslikeralph  +   479d ago
Love both my ps4/x1. These stupid console wars are getting old
ITPython  +   479d ago
The only reason I would even fork over the cash to buy a XB1 is for the exclusives. But it would need a LOT of them, as the PS4 is the console to play multiplats on so the XB1's exclusives are the only selling point for me.

So far there is not a single released XB1 exclusive that interests me, and by the time 2016 rolls around there MIGHT be 2 or 3, maybe. But it's going to need a lot more than that to make me a convert, at least 10-15 and a console price of around $300 is where it becomes something that is worth the purchase for me.
Syntax-Error  +   479d ago
Well i'm trading in my PS4 to get my money back because THERES NO NEXT GEN GAMES coming out until 2015. I didnt buy a NEXT GEN CONSOLE to play last gen remasters. Why release NEXT GEN consoles in 2013 when there's no games in 2014?
MightyNoX  +   479d ago
Not really. The Xbox 360 had true exclusives that would not wind up on the PC.

The Bone keeps bleeding exclusives over to either the PC or the Ps4 (see Titanfall), it's simply not a worthy investment.

Plus, now that consoles need a subcription, you'll see less and less multi-console owners.

PS4+Wii U
Wii U + PC

Any of those would be a winning combination for this gen.
RedDevils  +   479d ago
The best option is a PS4 and PC combo
gamer1138  +   480d ago
This would be the worst time to trade in. Why not wait till SSOD, Forza and Halo MCC have come out. Play them to death then if you really feel the need to get rid of the xbox one, do it in febuary towards a PS4 with The Order.

Also, the guy comparing GT to Forza and saying GT has never been bigger. I'm pretty sure recent figures showed GT6 was the worst performing GT in many years. As for the number of cars...sure if you want o be racing in PS2 level models. In fact, why has he even brought up GT? It's not on PS4!

The guy in the comments section sums it up. The author is bored and thinks the grass will be greener.
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mochachino  +   480d ago
Article said he's mostly likes sports games and likes the PS4 controller better. He's a not a big fan of Halo.

To each their own but if he's just playing multiplats and likes the DS4 better there's no reason to keep an xone.

My question is why didn't he just get an PS4 at first, probably was a loyal 360 owner and didn't really think about.
Immorals  +   480d ago
Real question is why upgrade your console for sports games? The difference is minimal, and you can use the ds4 on a ps3
ChuckTheIceMan  +   480d ago
I don't know how anyone could like the ds4 over the xb1 controller. Honestly I like my xbox one, I use for TV, some games like Titanfall and I'll play halo 5, maybe a few others. But most of my multiplatform games will be played on the ps4 as most of the people I play with only own a ps4. If more of my friends played on xb1 I might play some multiplatforms on the xb1. The big gripe I have about the ps4 is the controller. The grips on the first gen controllers are eroding where your thumb sits the most and on both the newer and older they are way too slippery! Also the L3 and R3 click actions on the DS4 are not as good as the xb1, they feel a little spongy in comparison, and the triggers on the xb1 controller are much better. Don't even get me started on battery life! This is my opinion of course and we all know about opinions, however I played the destiny beta on both systems and I would love to be able to use my xb1 controller on the ps4 instead of the DS4.
Dinkis  +   480d ago
@captaincool31 idk why all the disagrees. All of my friends ps4 control sticks have the rubber coming right off it. I some cases only 2 months of playing it. http://www.playstationlifes...
Magnes  +   480d ago
@immorals Sony added the ability to use the DS4 on ps3
Chevalier  +   479d ago
Even if GT6 is the worst selling it still outsold the both Forza 5 and Forza Horizon. Also if you look at the trends Forza 3 had more sales then Forza 4 did and Forza Horizon sold only a third of what Forza 4 did. Other then the high point of Forza 3 it's dropped drastically in sales from game to game.
memots  +   479d ago
gt6 is a great game, it simply came out a year to late. Ps4 was out and on everyones mind.
spicelicka  +   480d ago
Why the hell do we care what this is doing with his gaming systems? Like seriously what makes his decision so important that we need to read an article on it.
HaydenJameSmith  +   480d ago
Yeah exactly, there is very little on the PS4 that interests me (in my opinion) so I prefer X1. I own both for the record but the point is everyone is different, this guys opinion piece has little relevance to us and our choices in what consoles to buy... so I don't know why it has been approved. No one cares.
#3.1 (Edited 480d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(18) | Report | Reply
Magnes  +   480d ago
Why do we care you perfer xb1 over ps4 but you commented anyway. So your opinion is valid his isn't . The fact you don't like the article means the rest of us arent allowed to read it. By all means dismiss me too and anything else you don't feel is valid.
#3.1.1 (Edited 480d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(3) | Report
DeadlyOreo  +   480d ago
Sounds like he's gutted that this article's title isn't the other way around.
HaydenJameSmith  +   480d ago

You completely missed the point, never said my opinion was valid or his wasn't I just don't care and this shouldn't effect anyone choice in what console to buy so therefore its a pointless opinion piece (of a guy just saying he prefers the PS4 cause of the controller and Sports/driving games). I said everyone is different and are untitled to own whatever they want but why does this guy need to plaster his opinion on the internet it has nothing to do with anything. This is just flame bait for the console war...

The fact I don't like the article is cause it's completely pointless and how are you any better, when your acting like what you claim to be the way I am acting...


I would say the same thing if it were the X1, but i'd be a little biased cause it'd my opinion too... but still doesn't mean I would condone it, cause no one really wants to listen to this.
#3.1.3 (Edited 480d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report
TheRedButterfly  +   479d ago
Approved? Try #1 story on the front page. - _ -
SmielmaN  +   479d ago
You typing a few paragraphs on your opinion of a topic where you say something like "why does his opinion have to be put on the internet" is probably the funniest, ignorantly hypocritical statement you can make. You sir must have a massive ego and zero common sense. May you one day be able to pull your head from your backside. Good luck.
Spotie  +   480d ago
You didn't NEED to. You read it- or didn't, more likely- of your own volition.

Silly of you to complain when you made the choice, don't you think?
spicelicka  +   479d ago
Nope I didn't read it, I did skim over it to check if it had any substance and it didn't. Its not silly to complain because these types of articles have been showing up all over this site where i come to read real news. Now I have to scroll through a dozen useless articles to get to a good one. Its not much of a choice when things show up in your face all the time.

I don't go around complaining on every article, but after months of perseverance this one got to me. Im not saying its the worst article, bit the approach the author took, specially the headline, is very self-centered.
falviousuk  +   480d ago
Another one of these intruding my xbox heres why pointless bits of info.

Oh right you want some hits for your website.
G20WLY  +   480d ago
Sorry...what's intruding your box?? :/
falviousuk  +   479d ago
ummm that really doesn't make any sense, i believe osx auto corrected some of my comment and made that awful mess
G20WLY  +   479d ago
^It's okay, most of your comments read like that anyway, so nobody would have been phased. ;^)
#4.1.2 (Edited 479d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
LuditPRIME  +   480d ago
This person is well in his rights to swap. But to write an article to justify it is laughable. Nobody cares. It's quite shameful and really.
marlinfan10  +   480d ago
Who cares? Youre one out of millions and millions of gamers. We dont all write articles about which console we want
cruzngta  +   480d ago
Its simple...hes tired of 792p and 720p. Welcome to PS4 and the wonderful world of 1080p my friend. Just kidding... if you can have both that is really the best option - just gets expensive. I just have PS4 now and I am happy and looking forward to their amazing exclusives.
LordMaim  +   479d ago
You can't troll and then say "just kidding" and expect to get by.
xDHAV0K24x  +   480d ago
cool story bro! Enjoy ur games!
Muigi  +   480d ago
You made the right choice hahahaha!!!!
Letthewookiewin  +   480d ago
Because Sony has the better line up and system. Especially in early 2015.
Jury  +   480d ago
Smart move
Software_Lover  +   480d ago
Who really cares?
funkybudda  +   480d ago
Just another reason to swap Xbox One to PS4, the awesome lineup of F2P games:
OpieWinston  +   480d ago
By that logic you should trade in your console for a Steam machine...if you want good F2P games.

Anyone who swaps a console for another when they can save up and just own both is crazy.
y7jzdgy  +   479d ago
Awesome! I'll sell my PC and buy a PS4!
BillytheBarbarian  +   480d ago
That's like trading meat for beef. Have fun with that.
user7402931  +   480d ago
no, its like trading dvd for bluray
WeAreLegion  +   480d ago
Beef is meat.
BillytheBarbarian  +   479d ago
DJustinUNCHAIND  +   480d ago
Here's why nobody cares.

Because nobody does.

Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.
castillo  +   480d ago
Got Me a day one Xbox one and love it . Am now looking forward to buying me a white sunset overdrive xbox one with no intention of trading either .love the systems they have delivered everything I want and they look to continue doing so. As for the other console never will get one , why when the PS3 is all around better than the PS4 besides it will be supported for a long time so why buy the new model at all. M2C
#16 (Edited 480d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(19) | Report | Reply
Allsystemgamer  +   480d ago
How the hell is the ps3 better than the ps4?
castillo  +   480d ago
Cause it's fully load with everything and I don't have to wait for anything and it does 1080 so I miss nothing and will revive support for a long time . Besides my consumer buying power is invested in the Xbox one for now and long haul.
reaperofsouls   480d ago | Trolling | show
Ron_Danger  +   480d ago
What's the word for when someone does the same action over and over and expects a different outcome??
castillo  +   480d ago
The word is insanity, besides it has nothing to do with insanity ,it's about just being able to buy it . No more no less.

@CapraDemon Am a content consumer whose happy with the product he has bought and supports , now if am to be labeled I would prefer the term fanatic or fanatical. Sounds much better.
#16.2.1 (Edited 480d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report
kingvendrick  +   479d ago
@castillo no, CapraDemon is pretty much spot on saying fanboy. Come on it's pretty obvious lol.
DirtyLary  +   480d ago
Trading in is such a ripoff to yourself. At least try to sell it for a mere 10-15% loss.
towelie1288  +   480d ago
I have both systems and I love it but I prefer the X1 controller vastly of the DS4.
But the DS4 is huge improvement over the DS3 , but for shooters it's goes to the X1 controller soundly
But overall both systems are great and great games for both that I cannot miss out on.
TheWatercooler  +   480d ago
Best decision you will ever make!
TheFallenAngel  +   480d ago
My brother is thinking about doing the same. He said the install times are painfully slow and the UI is really sluggish. He also said he is having problems connecting to live. He said he loved his 360 but the xbone is a let down. He also said that the only reason he hasn't done it yet it's because of halo.
#20 (Edited 480d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
CramShaft  +   479d ago
What else did your brother say?

OT: What a waste of money. Spend $500 on a XB1, trade it in for $250 and then buy a PS4 for $400. Why not save the extra $250 you'd need and have both. There will be great games on both machines regardless of personal preference.
TheFallenAngel  +   479d ago
He said he doesn't care about resolutions being better on ps4. He said that the UI is really bad. And that he has to wait hrs to play a game because installs. I think he might be exaggerating there.
OpieWinston  +   480d ago
The websites name is "Gottabemobile"
Says a lot about the content...I'm not reading this trash.

Any moron who trades in their console...especially this early in the gen needs to be slapped in the face.
brotherlymoses  +   480d ago
Click bait!
He has the lamest excuses
1. He was complaning about Maddens 25 graphics
-it's the same on all consoles
2. lack of baseball game????
-that was known from the start
3.he says he's not intrested in sunset overdrivre, quantum break. And halo 5
-da fuq? Most day one buyers want halo or are at least intrested in something, if not then why buy it?
4.says forza 5 is a bust while Grandtrismo is booming? And gt6 is the best yet?
-really? GT6 is the best? Never go full retarded
5.more blah blah about the controller being cheap blah blah

Overall, I believe it's just a Fanboy trying to get some clicks acting like he really wants to trade in an x1 for a ps4, when he probably just has a ps4.
Chevalier  +   479d ago
He made a mistake and it's better to change now while he can sell it for more rather then wait. Also 2k Games didn't make an announcement about cancelling baseball till this January 2 months AFTER the new consoles were released.
smellslikeralph  +   480d ago
I have both and enjoy both. I'm keeping keeping both because each console will get different exclusives such as gears that I enjoy

This I will say the install times on Xbox one are awfully slow
D-riders  +   480d ago
im confused by your article because for the reasons you listed. it seems you should have bought a ps4. not switching sides so you say but because its better meets your needs.
Artista  +   480d ago
That's fine, sometimes you have to make mistakes to realize what's right for you. He tried the Xbox ONE, turns out he'd rather a PS4. . that's fine. Thanks for sharing.

I prefer the Xbox ONE controller to DS4. I think it's a better controller. I will buy it for my PC build so I can use it for multiplatform games.

and then get myself a PS4 for console exclusive games. That's the plan.
#25 (Edited 480d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Dlacy13g  +   480d ago
It's your choice...but your choice / opinion isn't news.
reaperofsouls  +   480d ago
because ps4 is an upgrade
RosweeSon  +   480d ago
If your here for war join the armed forces I'm just here to share my advice take on what you will but I'll be happily playing my gaming current and next gen on the cheap why pay over the odds shop around and get yourself a deal ;)

Agreed with the person above tho these constant articles about peoples personal opinions should have their own section way waaaay away from the news section all it does it starts my console is better than yours, a lot of people talking absolute rubbish with their twisted logic and completely fanboy biased opinions, and time after time like a fool I get sucked in I just hate people talking absolute bullshit, get your facts straight or jog on!

Artista a great controller is all good but you'll need some games to use it with dual shock 4 is not a bad controller dual shock 3 wasn't a bad controller hence why it never changed since dual shock 1 but the xbox 360 controller was a fantastic controller no doubt , i just think sony seemed to forget that the people playing ps1/2 and then even ps3 with the old shape dual shocks, well there hands have likely grown over the years, right over the top of there head not any more it might not be the best controller in the world, it's hard to beat a SNES or GameCube controller after all ( they have been the foundations for how many consoles since, certainly the Snes pad with it's d-pad shoulder buttons and four face buttons as well as start and select) but dual shock 4 is not a terrible controller by any stretch pretty comfy now that they grown the pad to fit mine hands and surely everyone else who's been gaming for a while, but yeah it's not the controller that's gonna sell your console.
#28 (Edited 480d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Peternorth  +   480d ago
Let me file this under The Universe Don't Give A Shit About You. Own all 3 and happy I do wouldn't trade in none of them but you know what they say about opinions.
TheEternalGamer  +   480d ago
good choice. Xbox One has no games coming for it besides what Scalebound? which still needs some gameplay for it. Sunset Overdrive is overhyped and will flop and then make its way to PS4 just like Plants Vs Zombies and Titanfall. PS4 has everything going for it.

-Powerful Hardware
- PS Plus
- More Games
- More Exclusives
- More Quality Exclusives
- Indies
- Free To Play
- Better Software
- More Gamer Oriented
- Better Hardware, more reliable


Xbox One just doesn't have anything to offer us gamers. Halo is pretty much over. Halo 4 sucked. Gears Of Wars Judgement sucked. Fable Legends doesn't look like a Fable game. Forza Horizon 2 is unneccesary because we have The Crew now with its open world racing aspect and a much bigger map then Forza. Forza 5 is milking consumers it took out a lot of tracks and cars from previous Forza Games. and selling them back as DLC/Day One DLC as well. Kinect is not meant for the hardcore gamers and it has mediocre titles for it making it a gimmick. etc....

Xbox One has nothing going for it right now. PS4 and Wii U is all you need this generation. Plus PC if you want to mod games and stuff like that. Xbox One won't probably have a reason to buy until like 2020 or something like that. not a whole lot of games coming for it. most of them are overhyped mediocrity, or just the same exclusives we usually see from Microsoft.

i'm sorry if i offended anyone's personal opinion, that's fine if you like Xbox one, i'm just stating the facts of what is seen so far. sorry if you don't like it or anything. i still respect your opinion :)
funkybudda  +   480d ago
Agree 100%, I know its tough just when Xbox One fans had something to boast about (better software update, REALLY!?), then TLOU remastered awesome reviews just dropped like a bomb on them. Then you get the article on F2P games with some close to AAA production quality, and they now have nothing to counter. Sometimes you just to admit defeat when it happens, just man up. What's worst is those pulling out the "PC" card trying to make PS4 look bad. I really dont care for the "PC" thing, as I consider that a different gaming ecosystem. What PC cant replace or compete with is all the real AAA exclusives that Sony owns and will NEVER be released on PC.
BillmadeAGate  +   480d ago
Your obviously still a blind fanboy ^-^.. we care not about hardware specs cause that makes u sound like a " pc elites" we care for games an Xbox is getting a few good ones this fall. Of course there's going to be better exclusive on ps (especially in 2015) but for this fall it's Xbox chance to show off some great new ips so just stop hating an enjoy the games =p
CloudRap  +   480d ago
I think your profile pic saids it all........ next
cruzngta  +   480d ago
Agree with you bro. PS4 does have everything going for it. I really hope we do get Sunset OD though. Ted Price couldnt resist that money from MS up front and figured we own the IP, they bit and paid and now I can let PS4 have aversion at a later date and make even more money... its all about da cash!!! Cant say I blame him but them having the rights to the IP makes sense that they are thinking down the line to port it to other platforms which is always a good business decision for making more money and I am sure he sees how much of a lead PS4 has saleswise. It would stupid for them not to do it. Just like Plants vs Zombies with all dlc now coming to PS4 in 1080p. I am sure Sunset OD would be 1080p as well if it comes to PS4 instead of the 900p on XB1. Thats funny cuz thats the rez of PVZ on both respectively. Maybe history will repeat itself.
Kiwi66  +   479d ago
I'm pretty sure there is more than just Scalebound coming to xb1 ... oh why bother your just a sony fanboy
TheEternalGamer  +   479d ago
perhaps you didn't read my comment or missed the part where i said its the only game coming to the Xbox One because the rest are overhyped such as sunset overdrive. We still need to see more gameplay on Scalebound though. As well as i also stated Sunset Overdrive will probably be making its way to PS4 since Xbox One has a small install base compared to the PS4. over 9 million so far and Xbox one has 5 million i believe as of now. don't believe me? Look at the pattern.

Titanfall 2 coming to PS4, Titanfall 1 possibly coming to PS4, Plants Vs Zombies coming to PS4, etc. we will see this pattern and their will be little to nothing what Xbox one offers gamers. Halo is over, Halo 4 killed it. Gears Of War Judgement was horrible. etc. Fable Legends looks nothing like a fable game. Forza 5 is milking consumers has less tracks and cars then previous Forza games. and we have THe Crew coming to Ps4 and Xbox One with a bigger map etc so no need for Forza Horizon. Xbox One is left with nothing basically. sorry. if you still like Halo or Gears thats your opinion but everything else is factual pretty much.

Also how can i be a fanboy if i owned an Atari 2600, Atari 7800, Nintendo 64, PlayStation 1, Sega Saturn, Sega Game Gear, PlayStation 2, GameCube, Original Xbox, Sega Dreamcast, PlayStation 3, Original Wii, (I borrowed an Xbox 360 from a friend/neighbor because it did had a few games such as Halo, Gears, Fable, etc but not enough for me to go out and buy one myself), PlayStation Portable & PSP Go, PS Vita, PlayStation 4, and soon i will own a Wii U.

I started gaming since the 5th generation since i was 5 or 6 i was born in 1990, i got those 2 atari consoles from my dad when i was a kid. never experienced the NES, SNES, Genesis, or GameBoy. That's why you will see me be more for PlayStation since that's where i began as a child. Doesn't mean i hate or despise anything else. i still love Nintendo which is my secondary platform, i still use my Retro consoles even to this day, Xbox One just has nothing for me. their is no need to get mad at the fact that Xbox One has no games too me. If you think Xbox One has a lot of games for you then good for you but to me and most other gamers out there, their isn't any. that's why you see us on the PS4, Wii U and PC side even over Xbox One. Like i said if you like Xbox one more power too you, no need to get offended over another guy's thoughts on the internet just shows how insecure you guys are :)
Kiwi66  +   479d ago
So your opinion is fact since when as there are those who own an xb1 who will disagree with you about how the xb1 has nothing going for it .
Me personally don't really care as i enjoy all systems since i began gaming in 1977 age 11
TheEternalGamer  +   478d ago
yes i am aware of that. and you are free to give me your response if you disagree with me and my opinion. i never claimed my opinion being factual.

me to i enjoy all systems and i began gaming in 1995or 1996 at ages 5 or 6 pretty much. but i also have more consoles from before my time too. :)
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