Sony Pulls the Plug on Android Support for PlayStation Mobile

Push Square: "PlayStation Mobile has been dead for a good while now, but Sony’s more or less pulled the cord today. Originally intended to offer a curated content hub on PlayStation-certified phones and tablets, the platform holder quietly announced this morning that there’s a “possibility that content may not work correctly with devices that have been updated to Android OS version 4.4.3 or later”. In other words, it’s dead."

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Goro1505d ago

That's disappointing...

Goro1505d ago

Oh, sorry. I guess it's not disappointing because it was N4G's golden Sony who announced it.

Master-H1505d ago

Orly? i bet my left arm you don't even know what PlayStation Mobile is/was to begin with, you just saw negative Sony news and jumped on it to troll.....truly pathetic lol

Dlacy13g1505d ago

Wow, didn't see that coming. Not sure how big a deal it really will be but that sucks for those who have Android devices who may have bought content that wont be supported with a future update.

ABizzel11505d ago

I would suspect it's getting replaced by PS Now, since Now is suppose to launch on multiple platforms TV's, Mobile, etc...

Now that I think about it, this might be why the prices are so high. PS Now is really the only hardcore gaming service on Mobile and TV's (outside of Onlive rarely appearing). The prices seem more suited towards those platforms, and if that's the case then at least give us a discount for buying a PlayStation system to play it on (or simply us PS+, and offer 25% - 50% off those prices).

joeorc1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

CHANGE THE [email protected] HEADLINE!

that is not in any way shape or form saying or implying of Sony dropping support for PSM for Android!

It means that as it stands right now updating to the new ver of Android my not offer every game to be able to be run...

so cool using google translate..LMAO

THE REASON BEING PSM BASE IS ANDROID 2.3 OR HIGHER its been that freaking way since the xperia play for pete sake.



Again trying to make a story out of freaking nothing..LMAO

Naga1505d ago

Yikes. Calm down, kid.

joeorc1505d ago

lmao disagree with a PSM developer? OK people, what the hell ever...hahahahaha, i think i know the platform...grin. Like i stated PSM still works with Android 2.3! so the xperia Play still connects to the playstation store peep's...

XB1_PS41505d ago

So if I update my phone, Playstation Mobile no longer works, and they're not fixing that.

You're saying that's not what the headline is?

This is a tiny blip. I didn't care about PS Mobile before, and even less now.

joeorc1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )


"So if I update my phone, Playstation Mobile no longer works, and they're not fixing that. "

Again PSM base Ver of Android is Gingerbread IE: 2.3 and you can still Access the PSN store and the games still work!

what this is trying to imply , because Sony is not updating the Android stack for KitKat and above that it some how some way states that PSM is being no longer supported, which is not the case at all. PSM has TWO SDK's




Both work on Android, but with PSM sdk 2.0 the main target platform is The playstation Vita and the Playstation TV!

Your Game or App can still be made with both SDK's, only from here on Out the SDK 1.0 will be legacy, while 2.0 will be the priority SDK ie:
Playstation Vita and Playstation TV.

That again does not mean your existing PSM will not work or it will not function from now on Android 2.3 PSM still access the store, i can still download new PSM apps and games!

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