You can now pre-order your Xbox One in India, but through Amazon only

Games in Asia: "After what seems like an eternity, Microsoft has finally announced launch plans for the Xbox One in India. Though a few enterprising retailers jumped the gun and announced pre-orders well before the Redmond-based giant had announced them officially, it looks like their haste will go unrewarded. Amazon India will be the exclusive retailer for the Xbox One in the country."

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gameseveryday1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Not sure about this move. Is the online gaming market in India bigger than the retail gaming market?

n1ghtw1ng1508d ago

Personally I think it's pretty stupid. It's like showing the finger to every other retailer in the country.

gameseveryday1508d ago

How much did Amazon paid to get this deal? I am sure they paid a massive amount to get this 'level' of exclusivity.

Personally, I find this a dumb move by MS. I can understand if there is a special edition of Xbox One exclusive but the whole of Xbox brand is now exclusive.

I am sure MS will do another 180 -_-

n1ghtw1ng1508d ago

Yeah that's what I'm expecting as well.

Death1508d ago

The Xbox presence in India is minimal at best. According to the article the partnership with Amazon is supposed to help with logistics since they are one of the largest e-tailers in the country. By using Amazon exclusively they will not have to ship to multiple retailers spread across a very large continent.

The gaming scene in India isn't like it is in other parts of the world. You can't apply the same logic that might work for you in all regions.

mixolydian_id1508d ago

Why are people concerned if this is a bad move?

Amazon is huge! Considering how western buyers ranted for weeks about XB1 and PS4 'most popular' listings.

MS aren't complete idiots. Market research probably states that Indian buyers purchase their electronic equipment via the web...specifically amazon.

n1ghtw1ng1508d ago

In the west it's all fine but here in India we're not exactly too comfortable with making large ticket purchases online.

And granted, it makes business sense for MS, it still means they're neglecting a large chunk of the retail market in India, of which Amazon makes up a small part.

jnemesh1508d ago

Doesn't matter. India isn't going to be a very large market for the Xbone anyway.

n1ghtw1ng1507d ago

Which is kinda sad given that they launched the X360 with a lot of advertising, buzz and expense. Oh well...