11 Things Microsoft Wants You To Forget About The Xbox One

With early-adopters buying into what have turned out to be complete lies, it'd be far better to just start over.

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BillmadeAGate1296d ago

Wow... well it's obvious the author is a fanboy lol.. I like all the systems for different reasons, I will definitely not let ignorance and or brand loyalty limit my gaming experience..

G20WLY1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

Fanboy or not, in business (as in life) the past has a habit of catching up with you.

Once bitten, twice shy - that's just how it is sometimes.

Giul_Xainx1296d ago

Oh no you don't. Fanboys never ever forget anything that spreads like a brushfire.

Sony was able to overcome its competition last gen even under immense opposition from fanboys, and the constant put downs of each game that came out. But when it comes to xbox they want to be entitled to a pardon?

Hahahahahaha. Don't make me feel sorry for what your fans are going through. Whag goes around..... comes around.

Vladplaya1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

Talking about fanboyism , brand loyalty and ignorance...

Every single point brought up in this article was/is true.

Xbox One might be doing all right now, but the launch was absolute humiliation for the Microsoft no doubt. So many silly and just outright bad decisions, it was sad to watch it all happen.

XB1_PS41296d ago

8's wrong. 5's wrong. 2's wrong. All the others are definitely valid points. The article as a whole is ridiculous, and unnecessary, but the points about past follies with MS are undeniable.

IrishSt0ner1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

11. Navigate X1 OS with Kinect, or use Kinect with TV... and after with a contoller, then try telling me Kinect isn't necessary.

10. Moot point, same for PS3.

9. Agreed.

8. 360 early adopters will know X1 had many more features on launch (and has at the same point, comparatively) than the 360.

7. Agreed.

6. W/ Kinect price point is fair, wrong move but the price was necessary for that package.

5. Subjective.

4. Agreed.

3. Expected X1 sales of 2million, over 40% of all X1 owners is not a 'failure'.

2. Works perfect for me, espeially after the addition of local languages (also a new app for further improvement).

1. X1 2013 sales figures were fantastic, duno wtf he's on about here (the large lead came in 2014).

3 out of 11 points, that's not every single point being true. Author is clearly biased.

sonarus1296d ago

I don't own an Xbox one so i cannot personally validate anything listed here as true or false and we are all left to our subjective judgements so i doubt everyone here will come to consensus on whether this is true or not. For instance @irishstoner still feels kinnect is necessary even though microsoft has already bitten the bullet and admitted its not

IrishSt0ner1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

@sonarus - when talking about Kinectless SKU and MS lies that Kinect was necessary for X1 to work, then sure I agree. However, try reading what I said, basically when using Kinect everything is much faster. Added speed isn't 'necessary' for the author or others, but it is for me, so IMO even though the point about lies is correct, the actually necessitiy of it is subjective and I lean the other way.

headblackman1296d ago

the launch of the x1 was fine, it's the reveal that was the problem. every issue that people had with the x1 was corrected before the release of the console, so what are you talking about sir???

all of the bad "IDEAS" never happened!


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mixolydian_id1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

I still don't think the vision they had was as bad as everyone made out.

No pre-owned games from GAME... I don't claim to know a lot about where your 40-60$ goes but with pre-owned games... dev's/pubs won't see any of it.

At least a gaming success would've meant the dev at the heart of it all would have received more funding for new work. Even if a dev had sold half as many games... they would at least have seen the profit they had earned. A really popular title would be a bigger success.

Digital sales? I don't mind. Past experience of buying pre-owned games has taught me that it's the disc format is not as solid as many think. Scratched discs lead to hanging loading screens, errors, disconnections, failed save points, crashing cutscenes.

As for loaning games, I don't lend games to people, simple.
When I finish a game, I don't sell/return it.

We would've had family sharing anyway.

People jumped the gun way too quickly and ruined this era of gaming for everyone. Yeah... they could've been clearer about their vision... they could've started making the transition late last-gen to soften the blow and help the consumer understand the benefits it would've brought to the video game industry. Perhaps it was too much of a radical idea for the consumer to understand.

mixolydian_id1296d ago

Also, a lot of the stuff in the article is just plain retarded. My thoughts below.

11) Kinect.... Should've been shipped with pre-installed games. If they really wanted to warrant the purchase, they should've pushed actual games installed as standard. The device does have value, but people don't like the games enough. The feature set it is capable of IS next gen.

10) 360's popularity - They want you to remember it's popularity. It is a great console. The one will gulf it in features and graphical fidelity as time progresses.

9) TV pitch - was just the start of what separates the console from the rest.

8) 360 still handles better? - The old 'blades style' was a bit dior early in the cycle. They changed for the better and the metro interface is new and fresh. It will change over the course of this cycle too. As for how it handles... Surely this is relative to who is actually using it. If you're a illiterate chav, in dire need of elocution lessons... of course you're going to have problems.

7) Bad PR - Stands rectified

6) Price point - Electronic entertainment centres cost money. Still cheaper then a new smart phone. Still cheaper then a PC... still cheaper then an iMac.

5) Games - Eye of the beholder to be fair.

4) I've said how I felt about the DRM 'mess' - It was more of a disagreement in delivery.
I would've liked it.

3) Titanfall failure? - It was a wicked game! Didn't have the same team aspect as other games... likely due to lack of customs, ranked matches and split screen. Nonetheless.

2) Kinect is broken? - Same kind of people who say the "TV remote is broken" before considering the batteries have run out.

1) 2013 - Wow... MS threw their entire vision under the bus to satisfy a small network of brats and old-fashioned sausages.

Tctczach1296d ago

This guy hates XBOX. It's well known. Look at his previous posts if you dont believe me.

1Victor1296d ago

Welcome To 2006 Flip Version. All Those Offended By.The Troll Articles Just Wait Them Out Like PS Fans Did And Hope MS Can Deliver Like Sony Did .The Article Is A Opinion Piece A Long Winded One Non The Less

Darrius Cole1296d ago


Xbox One fans just wait it out and hope he MS can get their $### together and deliver like Sony did with the PS3. When the PS3 was $600 and the 360 was $400, there were articles like this all over the internet. Sony just walked in down slowly over the course of about 3 years. Xbone fans can only wait to see if MS can do the same. Personally, I don't think they will. I think it's too late for MS to build what it needs in order to save the Xbone.

MS needs more studios up and running and pushing out AAA games. Doing that takes time pure and simple.

Moreover, I don't think the the Xbone will ever catch up with the PS4 on price.

Thirdly, All the territories where the Xbone has not yet release will soon be out of reach this gen unless Microsoft send the Xbone there really soon. I don't think MS is ready to do that yet.

But my not thinking that they will doesn't prove that they can't. We all have to wait and see.

LordMaim1296d ago

Why do you capitalize every word?

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ElementX1296d ago

Obviously MS changed some things about the Xbox One, there's no need to keep bringing up everything that is different now.

DLConspiracy1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

Good to see these opinion pieces still doing the rounds... (sarcasm)

nicksetzer11296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

Seems more like a fanboy ranting than a relevant article. I will say MS made some changes, (mostly for the best) but this just sounds like a begrudging child who's feelings were hurt. MS is a business they went to try something new, people didn't like it, they changed it. No different than the first 2 years PS3 was out, Sony was arrogant, had an overpriced machine, horrible controller (six axis at the time) and a pretty minimalistic lineup. Look now, Sony has made changes and is a company many seek to replicate again. (As was in the PS2 era)

I think the author just needs to accept that MS has/is continued to make changes in a positive direction and has taken on a consumer driven stance, rather than a "we know best" stance. Grudges just show immaturity.

reaperofsouls1296d ago

M$ only changed stuff that shouldn't have been there in the first place because preorder and sale where poor. It seem people haven't forgoten or forgiven yet as there selling less than the wii u. I have no sympathy for them

CaptainObvious8781295d ago

As long as people keep describing the single biggest attempted atrocity in the history of gaming as 'MS tried to do something new' then these articles will continue to happen.

hankmoody1296d ago

Wow. Two sentences in and I just had to stop.

xDHAV0K24x1296d ago

u read more than I did...

Kryptonite42O1296d ago

I read the bold points...
waist of my time tbh...

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