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munkimatt says "Those of you who’ve read reviews I’ve previously written will (hopefully) know that I do my best to interject a little bit of humour into proceedings. The reasons are two-fold; on one hand I hope it helps to keep the readers attention and, on the other hand, it actually helps me write sometimes. If a game is bad, making a joke or two about it can give a bit of a mental lift and stop you from slipping into the pit of despair known as “writer’s block”.

I can’t do that about That Trivia Game. Because That Trivia Game is absof***inglutely wretched."

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munkimatt1505d ago

I honestly cannot fully explain how completely awful this game is.

WeAreLegion1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

It's pretty bad. I can't lie. I love trivia games, but this is like a bad iOS/Android Buzz ripoff...and it's a PS4 game.