Konami Profit Surges As PlayStation Dominates Xbox In Terms of Unit Sales

Japanese publisher's net income jumps by 145% thanks in part to strong continued sales of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes; PlayStation game sales make up 54% of Konami's total game sales, compared to 12% for Xbox.

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Abash1385d ago

Seems like the success of the PlayStation brand being back on top is great for both western and eastern publishers

BiggerBoss1385d ago

It's crazy how much of the sales are attributed to PS3. Ps4 sales percentages alone were equal to Xbox one and 360 combined, and ps3 sold almost 4 times that amount.

Bigpappy1385d ago

PS4 sales aside, Konami should be more than happy with the amount of money PS4 users gave them to play a Metal Gear demo.

OrangePowerz1385d ago

No wonder Kojima is still forced to do MGS if you look at the profits when Konami has MGS and when they don't.

DigitalRaptor1385d ago

Dat 3:1 Ground Zeroes though!

It's astonishing. I wonder how both versions of The Phantom Pain will fare.

DragonKnight1385d ago

So where the hell is Suikoden 6 then. No excuses Konami.

Godmars2901385d ago

Given that they've spent the last eight years chasing after COD, wasting that time, nowhere.

DragonKnight1385d ago

Umm, Konami has been chasing CoD with... what exactly?

Also, I know it's all in futility. Konami disbanded the Suikoden team so we're never getting Suikoden 6, or at least not any time soon.

Godmars2901385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

The only thing that comes to mind is...MGS.

MGS4 did try to go multiplayer, then Revengence and now Ground Zeroes went multi. Castlevania dipped heavily towards Western influences.

They were directly chasing after the Western market, make games HD upped standards, when it was rather obvious that they couldn't.

If they had stuck to what they had known, instead of largely abandoning it, I think we all would have been better off.

DragonKnight1385d ago

I don't see adding multiplayer and western influences as chasing after CoD.

Now casual multiplayer, skill becoming optional, and the multiplayer polluted with frat boys and you'd have a case. Lol.

Minato-Namikaze1385d ago

MGS3 had Multiplayer as well.

ltachiUchiha1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

I feel an exclusive MGS game coming to the ps4 very soon.

Edit: Lol hey dont blame me for the bad sales on xbox for mgs. Didnt u guys cheer when Kojima announced the next mgs game will be on xbox & now that its out u dont want to buy it haha.


ugh just give me phantom pain

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The story is too old to be commented.