Thunderbolt reviews Crosswords DS

Thunderbolt reports:
''I really enjoy using my Nintendo DS; I love the fact that it is backwards compatible with Game Boy Advance games, I enjoy the fact that it encourages creativity through the use of its dual screens and stylus device, and finally, I take pride in the steady variety of experiences that it has to offer.

While these aspects are satisfactory on their own, a standout reason I take pride in my DS acquisition is attributed to the variety of mind-training games that are available; experiences such as Brain Age and My Word Coach encourage players to use their brains along with their fingers, something that I take pleasure in.

Crosswords DS by Nintendo is another addition to the class of games that require mental mastery along with physical dexterity; this one differentiates itself by requiring an understanding of crossword puzzles. Two other games of this ilk have recently seen release, namely The New York Times Crosswords and USA Today Crossword Challenge. How does Nintendo's iteration compare to these competitors, and to other mind mastery challenges?''

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