PS4 Discounts Added To PS Store Summer Sale (Europe)

As promised last week, here’s a fresh batch of PS4 titles on offer this summer. These offers will end 20th August 2014, so get ‘em while they’re hot.

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opproject1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

nice, a little more and steam is done

Goro1446d ago

These PSN summer sales don't even compare with Steam's summer sales.

opproject1446d ago

ofc not, but everything has a begining

Goro1446d ago

This is the 6th annual PSN summer sale.
Steam has only had 9 to date and on their 6th sale they were still miles ahead of this.

NovusTerminus1446d ago

I... wait, what?

Sony has held some darn fine deals, some rival Steam like their 14 for 14 sale, and some crazy flash sales.

But hosting a sale will not end Steam... first if all no one matches Steams summer sale yet. But even if Sony did, it won't harm Steam much at all.

Both are two of the biggest in their field, the other hosting a sale won't harm the other. Stop needlessly starting arguments.

bumnut1445d ago

You sir are a bell end.

WitWolfy1446d ago

Looks more promising than the snooze fest known as the winter sale.

Nekroo911446d ago

Hmm...last week Lego Marvel Super Heroes was 30 dollars and injustice for 15 with US store. And i already saw thief at 30 dollars aswell instead of 45 euros.

BBBQ_BYOBB1446d ago

I bought Lego Marvel for $10.50 on the US store last week.

Majin-vegeta1445d ago

Lego was $10:50 and injustice was $8.50 i believe

Bathyj1446d ago

Nice, looks like I'm finally ready to play ground zero. I almost bought it last week.

paul-p19881446d ago

Same here, I've been holding out until it reached about £10 (I refuse to spend more than that on a game I will finish in under an hour...) so that's the first thing on my list especially with that 25% PS+ discount :)

Might pick up Octodad as well!

Jdoki1446d ago

Finally! £14.99 / £11.99 for MGSV: Ground Zeroes is about right, and arguably the price the game should have been at launch.

No way I was paying 24.99 for a glorified demo, but no hesitation to pick it up for £11.99 with the PS+ discount.

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