Destiny Won’t Live Up To The Hype But It Promises A Space Opera Like None Other

EGMR says: "So… Destiny hey. All that money, all that hype; can it possibly live up to it? Although we had some issues with the beta, the overwhelming majority loved it. Almost zealously so. Just a word to the wise, do not cross the Destiny faithful, they will take your family to the moon and murder them.

Bungie has yet to really put a foot wrong so let’s assess the facts shall we? Where do you go after Halo? Well, the answer is to take Master Chief’s cod piece, turn it into a game logo and construct a game around it. Obviously."

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gamer11381507d ago

It'll be a good space opera but it's no Mass Effect.

C-H-E-F1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

And it wont be a no mans sky either. I'm def. not purchasing this... too many games of quality coming out to purchase something that just looks good with no depth in gameplay/story what so ever.

Menkyo1507d ago

You obviously didnt play the beta. No mans sky, now there is a game that wont live up to hype if ever I've seen one.

pinkcrocodile751507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

I will definitely get this when it comes out, because it just looks cool and shiny (a bit like a new shiny pen in a bank that you just have to rob, the pen, not the bank).

I know this game has had a lot of hype and the beta probably made matters worse.

But we all do it with most things in life, don't me.

I like to put people I like on a pedestal too... So I can do nasty things to them!

Let just hope Destiny doesn't end up being a wet spot on a vacant stool.

Personnaly I don't think that'll happen in a million years... May Ten but never a million!

Shadonic1507d ago

You say that yet all we know about no mans sky in terms of story is that your objective is to get to the middle of the universe which may take years and thats it, in destiny you got a lot more plot wise already with the darkness and the mystery of what is the guardian and what not. Its honestly just peoples game Boners getting the best of them, I'm excited for No mans sky as well but i cant deny stuff that's right in front of me always.

C-H-E-F1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

lmao so because the game sucks ass I haven't played it? You're an idiot. I'll admit I didnt play it long because it sucks ass.

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Psychotica1507d ago

Hooray, no talk, talk, talk, shoot, talk, talk, talk, shoot, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk....

kneon1507d ago

Right, instead we'll get shoot, shoot, shoot, listen to cheesy dialog, shoot, shoot, shoot.

So far Destiny is looking to have a lame story and characters that no one will care about.

Cryptcuzz1507d ago

What have you been playing, Space Channel 5?

Scatpants1507d ago

Really, Kneon, how was the the game's manuscript when you read it? I sorry to hear you thought it was bad.

bjshepp1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

I don't even see how they're comparable. One is a single player story driven interactive ScI fi drama with cover shooting sections in between cutscenes. The other is a full on multiplayer Co op FPS mmo game where the story is secondary.

And from what I'be played, Destiny seems to have better shooting mechanics, and level design than Mass Effect. But apparently those aspects don't matter to people, if it doesn't have a pretentious story.

Shadonic1507d ago

the thing thats crazy is that people are already shaking off the story even though their not entirely sure that what they got their hands on is how their adventure completely begins. In terms of info me asking a random guy off the street with a COD shirt on is comparable to direct from the Developer confirmation for some people for some odd reason when it comes to Destiny. It honestly confuses me, I used to be incredibly defensive of Halo 4 until i started to get a more level head on games and hype. I'm excited for Destiny but seeing some of the comparisons between games is just facepalm worthy.

OmegaShen1507d ago

Thats a good thing, no real freedom in Mass Effect. I think people are just trolling because they are mad its not a Xbox only or because they got nothing better to do.

You got to be pretty dumb to say the story was bad, we got parts of it. So there you have no idea what the full story is. I already preorder it, my friend that didn't think much of it.

Is now sold after playing the beta.

Paul_JC1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

IMO Nothing will ever beat Mass Effect in terms of a space opera story. Greatest series of all time.

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Rob_Ko1507d ago

tbh so far the story is biggest disappointment for me,
Yeah I know we've seen only 5 missions in the beta, but they failed to interest me in the story. There's lack of NPCs characters in the game aswell, we have only our Ghost, who doesn't even speak often.

I believe in the game though, I love the gameplay.

Lawboy21507d ago

Tbf uve only seen one part of the story and thats when u spoke to the speaker

die_fiend1507d ago

Yeah we barely saw much of the story. But it wasn't really bad like people are making out. I think it will end up better than Halo, but as people have said, it's more about the world and the experiences you make / have rather than the story.

@ Grave below
Well said - Titanfall was meant to be something amazing. It did ok as it's the only half-decent Xbone game, but we barely hear anything about it now. Destiny is where it's going to be at this fall

TheFallenAngel1507d ago

It doesn't have much hype behind it. It's not being called "the next big thing" or being hyped like the second coming of Jesus.

Grave1507d ago

I totally agree. Look how Titanfall was hyped. Now that was way overdone. I've found the amount of hype for Destiny is just right and after playing the Alpha and Beta it completely deserves said hype.

Menkyo1507d ago

Really cause the beta pretty much did for me.

Grave1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Is it just me or is the title an oxymoron?

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