What if Sean Bean had his GoldenEye 64 face in real life?

Following Sean Bean's comments that his head in GoldenEye 64 "looks a bit square", VideoGamer wondered what the actor's portfolio would look like if he actually had such a blocky head in real life.

So, the website gathered the top experts in face morphing technology, biochemistry and plastic surgery to accurately simulate Mr Bean's life had he actually suffered from a square head.

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Mr Pumblechook1510d ago

"What if Sean Bean had his GoldenEye 64 face in real life?"

What a crazy surreal headline that actually made me laugh. Well done!

equal_youth1510d ago

of course he could respawn comes with the ability of being a video game character ^^

hkgamer1510d ago

dont really get the joke. it looks like him?

anyway lazy site. they couldnt even bother photoshopping another screenshot from equilibrium but just mention it.

Jonny5isalive1510d ago

one does not simply.........make a non square vidoegame face in 1997