Gamescom Awards Nominees Announced: Microsoft Gets 6 Nominations, Sony 5, Nintendo 6

Like every year on August 15th a jury of journalists will assign the Gamescom Awards, and today the event’s organizers sent in the list of nominees for the ceremony, selected between 140 entries.

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guyman1320d ago

I find it a little strange that the order 1886 is nominated for the best action game (in general) along with evolve and FC 4, but couldn't get a nomination under the best Sony game (that includes FC 4 and Evolve). O well. Im surprised Quantum break wasn't nominated for anything; unless they just nominated games that are playable (and QB isn't playable)

XiNarutoUzumaki1320d ago

It always happens on every award show. The Playstation/Xbox Game lists are always filled with non-exclusives games. They should include all Playstation games that are going to be at the show: Driveclub, The Order, LBP3, Uncharted 4, until Dawm, etc...

Ron_Danger1320d ago

Usually it's only games that are playable on the show floor. That's why you never see the big surprise announce games getting awards.

equal_youth1320d ago

was thinking about this to but ron_danger made it clear

guitarded771319d ago

What I want to know is how the hell they nominate games before the show even starts. I think it's BS. Have nominations after the first day of Gamescom and picks on the last day. At least then you can say you played them.

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Magicite1320d ago

Gaming journalism is getting weirder and weirder..

miyamoto1319d ago

You are right.
DualShockers is leading this cringe worthy trend.

marloc_x1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

Good job Nintendo :) Looking forward Splatoon, kudos to featuring playable games!

FanboyKilla1320d ago

As expected. I can play the best ps4 games on my xbox. Im gonna have my cake and eat it too. Oh yeah, lmfao too.

CaptainObvious8781320d ago

I didn't know The Last of Us Remastered got released for the xbone too.

S2Killinit1319d ago

um, no, no you can't

chrismichaels041319d ago

I didnt know Infamous Second Son, The Last of Us Remastered, MLB14 The Show, Killzone Shadow Fall, Drive Club, The Order 1886, Bloodbourne and LittleBigPlanet3 were all going to be playable on Xbox One.

Because the funny thing is I already have Xbox Ones best game Titanfall and Im about to pick up Plants Vs Zombie Garden Warfare and Dead Rising 3.....all without needing an Xbox One.

FAT MAN GO BOOM1319d ago

Money Money Money,

It sure plays a lot into these type of awards...

I am looking forward to Gamescom and ALL of the wonderful games.

But I think winning game of the show is nothing compared to final product.

I think a lot of these types of awards are mainly marketing tools and the ones coughing up the most money sure helps...

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Abriael1320d ago

I *think* bloodborne is nowhere to be seen because Sony did not provide any actual playable gameplay to the jury.

But I might be wrong.

Kayant1320d ago


My thoughts exactly....

ABizzel11320d ago


You forgot to highlight Little Big Planet under the Best Family Game Section.

This list makes absolutely no sense to me. How are they rewarding/nominating games that aren't out or fully playable. I get Forza Horizon 2 being on here, because when you play a racing game that's pretty much how it is (why is DriveClub missing???), but The Order, Dying Light, Far Cry 4, AC: Rouge, Sunset, and more shouldn't be on this list, unless these games are secretly done, and waiting for a holiday release.

gamer11381320d ago

Where's Quantum Break? :(

Kayant1320d ago

Here is the reason theses awards seem random and otherwise a bit crap.

Summed up well by Drencrom(neogaf) -

Games must not have been shown at any other public event before GC and it's a paid submission.

Summary of rules -

The organizer charges a nominal fee of EUR 450 plus legal VAT per game or product. With this, the game or product can be submitted into up to five different categories. In the case that a game or product is submitted into more than five categories, a surcharge of EUR 200 plus legal VAT is to be paid. If one game or product is submitted just into one category a nominal fee of EUR 260 plus legal VAT is to be paid. No discounts are available. The nominal fee is not reimbursed, neither in full nor in part, in the case that multiple categories are merged and a submission is then taken into account in fewer categories.

The submitted games/products must:
• Games and products submitted for the gamescom award by exhibitors at gamescom must not be published on the German or the home market of the submitting company or made available in any other form to the public before the correspondent gamescom edition of the current year.
The announced publishing date for the game or product on the home market of the submitting company or the German market must be in the year following the gamescom.
• be displayed in the exhibitor‘s entertainment section and be playable by the audience • be full-version products (Add-ons do not qualify)

Kivespussi1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

Wow, that's bullcrap if true. I think that the video game industry isn't as 'professional' as it could be. I mean this would be considered bribery if some big movie award shows, etc. would do this.

Edit: I don't know if my comment makes any sense. I'm just angry at this, confused, tired and coincidentally also slightly drunk :/

mydyingparadiselost1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

I'm tired, uncaring and fairly high and it makes perfect sense :P
Anyway, it's not just the gaming industry that suffers from a lack of professionalism, most large industries seem to operate by their own standards instead of the customers. Just look at GM or most banks for further examples.

iamnsuperman1320d ago

Seems a bit crap that the titles must not have been seen at any other event but gamescom. Odd rule

TheFallenAngel1320d ago

But gamescom hasn't even started, how can they nominate already?