Dead Island 2 - Preview | GamingLives

GamingLives takes a look at the upcoming follow-up to the divisive zombie kill-em-up, Dead Island.

"The more comical take on the game means it’s trying something different in tone, which should be commended, but I already feel like Dead Rising has that particular area of zombie killing covered. That being said, the co-op will no doubt aid the cause and I have no doubt that Yager Development have the skills to make a decent product. The question remains if it will have an identity separate to that of the first in order to really make its mark in a very, very crowded genre."

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Lord_Sloth1511d ago

With the chosen cast I'd no idea the original was supposed to be serious. XXXP

BillmadeAGate1511d ago

I'm just happy it's not multi gen.. we need more games dedicated to next gen only (imo) :p

retro_1511d ago

Dead Island 2 and Dying light. Two games I am so looking forward to.