FIFA 15 Ronaldo Edition PS4

XPSTAR: A Well Deserved FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Ronaldo Edition PS4 With FREE Ronaldo Card. About time we get a FIFA 15 Ultimate team RONALDO EDITION on PS4.

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crxss1382d ago

Wow... Why is this on here?

Codey471382d ago

The Suarez JAWS edition available for preorder NAOS!!

iNFAMOUZ11382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

i thought he had a deal with pes

this is awesome regardless, might think of getting this version instead

best player in soccer as a cover for fifa, finally, fu** messi, he su**s major di**

i'm not a fan, i don't watch soccer, i played it as a kid, but i don't keep up to date, i just know this guy, i stick up for the best players because they deserve it

yezz1382d ago

You should probably watch the video... There is no real "Ronaldo version" this guy is just talking some BS about how there should be one and much like you he seems to be in love with Ronaldo.


Are you a stretford red socks fan by any chance?

ForeignEarth1382d ago

the point of the video is that CHANGE IS NEEDED.