Halo: The Master Chief Collection MJOLNIR Edition will set you back £170

GAME has opened up pre-orders for two Halo: The Master Chief Collection special editions: the Limited Edition at £52.99 and the MJOLNIR Edition which will set you back a hefty £169.99.

The Limited Edition features a collectible Steelbook case, a physical map book featuring every map available in the game, and the Grunt Funeral Digital Skull - a modifier that explodes Grunts in a shower of plasma when killed.

If you plump for the MJOLNIR Edition you'll get all the Limited Edition content plus a fancy 12 inch Master Chief statue sculpted by M.I.C..

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Septic1294d ago

Every time I buy collector's editions I just end up staring at all the 'extra' stuff you get and think...this is not worth it.

I remember buying the Lost Planet collectors edition where you got a mech toy and thought to myself..."man, I really need to get a girlfriend".

The last collectors edition item I got was for Halo 4 funnily enough and that didn't feel like it was worth it at all.

It all depends on your taste I guess. I don't think I'll bother with any more of these special editions.

pedrof931294d ago

If you're a collectioner I think its nice, having all that stuff on you shelves and stuff.

Dude4201294d ago

I stopped getting collector items when I realized how much dust they collect. They are nice yes, but to me it's not worth the effort to maintain them, let alone the money you spend.


I am making my own spcial edition for this.

I have a spare Halo 3 legendary edition and my original halo 2 steel book which I will now put my Halo MC edition in and sit it next to my xbox.

The last big limited edition game I bought was Halo Reach.

There was a time when you use to get a lot of physical stuff in the box when you got a limited edition. Now you get all this digital crap that is worthless in the game and you can't even show it off to your friends.

At least with the MC helmet the ladies are always like "what's that?" when they see it. Or if I want to piss um off when I am chatting on skype I just turn to cam to MC and say talk to him and ignor them lol. it's good for something!

Alsybub1294d ago

I don't tend to go for collector's editions. They tend not to be worth anything in the long run. In fact if something says 'Limited Edition' or 'Collector's Edition' you can almost guarantee that it'll be worth nothing in a few years. Of course, there are exceptions.

I'm a huge game collector. If you're in it for the money then it's all about games ahead of their time that flop for no particular reason or were niche to begin with. They end up being produced in very limited numbers and then ten years later people catch on that they are good games and a sealed copy becomes very expensive.

A few examples from my collection would be Radiant Silvergun (Saturn), Panzer Dragoon Saga (Saturn), Ikaruga (Dreamcast), REZ (PAL Dreamcast) & Metal Slug (Neo Geo). None of these were ever sold as Limited or Collector's editions but they're worth a considerable amount now.

RosweeSon1294d ago

It's good if it's Quality stuff but I'd have to agree with first person the amount of collectors editions bought and then you see what you get? Never normally as good as advertised some have been great but most people seem to think put the word limited in the title and it'll make it amazing, ie everyone who orders the standard version gets updated to the limited version for free with everyone's getting free upgrades it's not really Limited is it, I will buy collectors editions but only ones I like reasonable prices and great content halo's 4 remakes and a statue £170!! No chance, can buy a ps4 for just over double that, madness!

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Jdoki1294d ago



Games are pricey enough without a whole load of fluff that usually adds zero to the game itself.

But yeah, if you're a collector I guess they are nice...

donthate1294d ago

Yeah, that is how I feel most of the time.

Usually I wait for them to clearance out and then all of a sudden it is a bargain!

There aren't many times I have been willing to pay full price for a Limited Edition game, especially in the $100+ range.

TheRedButterfly1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

I think the problem was that you bought the Lost Planet CE and though it was going to be worth it... (I kid.)

From my experience, only buy the CEs of your absolute favorite franchises/IPs... I bought the "CE" of Dead Space 2, and now I just have this thing I don't want and can't get rid of... But on the same note, I have the CE of every Halo game, every Elder Scrolls title, and am acquiring the CEs of Mass Effects (even have a sealed/signed copy of ME1 CE). Debated Dark Souls II, but wisely decided against it.

I'll be buying the hell out of this, but when the mega edition was announced for BioShock Infinite, I didn't bat an eye.


Another way I look at it is "____ game is worth $___ to me, and I want to support the developers in every way that I can, so here's a way that I can support them even more."

Kinda a scapegoat for convincing myself that it's worth it, but when I know I'm going to put X many hours into a game, that extra $ is well worth it. $150 for Skyrim? Well, considering how I put over 450 hrs into it, I'd say that sub $0.50 per hour of one of my favorite games of Gen. 7 is well worth it.

Edit: Grammar

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1294d ago
jay21294d ago

Nah you're alright, played them all so this was only ever going to be a rent for me.

LightDiego1294d ago

Really cool, just like all the Halo collector's edition, Reach edition is my favorite.

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