Codemasters forced to give refunds for Colin McRae Rally on Steam

This article is about the recent announcement that Codemasters is forced to give refunds to fans refunds for Colin McRae Rally on Steam.

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scark921173d ago

Dumb move by Codemasters, it seemed like the intentionally tried not mention that this was an iOS game.

Gearfox1173d ago

Of course they were trying to trick people. The Steam trailer included the line "The Legend Returns"

JP13691173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

The fact that they used a dead man's name in this con is what angers me the most. Fuck Codemasters.

bumnut1172d ago

Agreed, they make shit games anyway.

Can't remember the last Codemasters game I enjoyed.

OrangePowerz1173d ago

Why can't we just get a straight remaster port of the old CmC games? :-(

Gearfox1173d ago

After pulling this stunt they'll need to do that just to get back into the fans good books.

Still though those games were awesome and I would love to see a remaster like they did with that recent Oddworld game (its name escapes me right now).

SaturdayNightBeaver1173d ago

CMR2 is one on their best games ever, and they try to scam people for quick dirty cash grab like this... sad. They were good , not anymore

Are_The_MaDNess1173d ago

now if only they didnt ban the mobile port taggs we wouldnt have this problem IMO....