Destiny: Temper your hype

"Destiny does not appear to be the ambitious project that many had imagined"

Gameondaily's Gaz discusses why he thinks people should not get carried away in hyping up Bungie's much anticipated AAA title.

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die_fiend1445d ago

Seemed pretty ambitious to me...

Certainly more ambitious than anything I've seen from Gameondaily's Gaz and his poorly written articles!

deathstriker1445d ago

It's not an MMO or RPG at all. It's basically just a walk from point A to B shooter with friends if you'd like, kill all the enemies there, and you might see 4 or 5 random people in-between. The story has you fighting "the darkness" lol. It'll be an okay game, but it's just Halo with a little bit of Borderlands mixed in.

I'm looking more forward to Dragon Age, especially if the rumored multiplayer is there and as good as Mass Effect 3's.

aviator1891445d ago

Like I said elsewhere, Destiny seems great and super polished for what it is, but ambitious? I'm not sure about that.

wynams1445d ago

no problem ...
wish this game would go away already ... over Halo, over MMOs

SteamPowered1445d ago

Hype or not, X1 and PS4 dont really have a game of this genre or caliber yet. That alone may push sales just by being first. That being said, I havent played the Beta as I want it to be fresh when I fire it up.

caseh1445d ago

"What the beta made clear however, was that Destiny is, at its core a First Person Shooter with RPG elements just tacked on."

This suits me fine, it's an aspect many FPS games simply don't have and having played the beta i'm more than happy with what's coming on release date.

objdadon1445d ago

Exactly! I don't need to temper my hype! I know exactly what to expect from destiny and it's just the game I'm looking for!

vikingland11445d ago

Exactly what I'm thinking.

Grave1445d ago

Yep. The main thing (and most important) is that the core shooting mechanics are solid. Destiny will be the FPS to beat this year.

SliceOfTruth8881445d ago

I cant control my hype when what i played was not even 25% of the final games content and i put in almost 25 hours into it....its the real deal and deal with it

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The story is too old to be commented.