5 Games You Won’t Find On Xbox One Or PlayStation 4 — Number 3 Will Eat Your Brain

A short, quick featurette listing five games not releasing on the Xbox One or PS4 that are still worth your time if you have your older consoles lying around.

"For practical purposes, we’ve only counted games releasing after the launch of both consoles. This immediately removes the awkwardness of having to discuss whether or Grand Theft Auto V was always planned for next-gen, back when next-gen was still next-gen and not current-gen. Of course, these games could find their way to the new consoles eventually."

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Stuart57561446d ago

I've still got my PS3 and 360, far too early to ditch those yet, if at all. I still have my PS2!

Magicite1445d ago

I have a PC where I can emulate every game until before 7th gen, then PS3 for best 7th gen console games and next year Im getting PS4 for best 8th gen console experience. Ive already played best X360 exclusives and Wii can be emulated on PC. Most probably gonna buy X1 when it becomes dirt cheap, not sure about WiiU though.

Stuart57561439d ago

Not bothered at all about WiiU, totally agree about X1, it'll have to be dirt cheap for me to buy one.

contradictory1446d ago

i still have all my other old consoles hanging around the house
what makes you think i'd get rid of my PS3?

Stuart57561439d ago

Too right, I currently play my PS3 more than my PS4, who would ditch?

lmao2471446d ago

There is a possibility that all of those games will be downloadable on your ps4 through PS now.

Randostar1446d ago

Also i thought Dark Souls 2 was getting a ps4/x1 release?

calis1446d ago

Why will #3 eat my brain?

360ICE1446d ago

I was wondering the same thing. Guess every journalist is striving to be like BuzzFeed these days. Which raises the question, why would anyone strive to be like BuzzFeed?

So many questions...

billybehr1445d ago

If you have to ask, then apparently you'll never understand... 0_o

sniperdx1446d ago

there is a rumor about dark souls 2 getting release on current gen which might happen since the game was made with next gen in mind and its sad about the other games not being on ps4/X1 but pc is next gen for the people that have the money which all those games are on i have some of the games on pc and they look like ps4/X1 games on pc and i play them with my ps4 controller wirelessly its like im playing on my ps4

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The story is too old to be commented.