Pile of Shame – Too Human Retrospective Review

Editor Note: If you’re not familiar with the term “pile of shame”: basically, it’s all the games you’ve purchased over the years, but never gotten around to playing. We’re now working our way back to retrospectively review some of ours!

"Too Human is a game that tried to exceed the sum of its parts, and failed. It began with a unique premise, but then barely managed to scratch the surface of what could have been a compelling narrative. I could see lots of great ideas as I played through the game, and it was frustrating to see how many ended up with a superficial application. What’s arguably more tragic, however, is that there’s actually a competent dungeon crawler beneath all the garbage; which I genuinely enjoyed playing at times, even it had its flaws. If the developers had focused on these strengths, the game could have been a success for entirely different reasons; especially had 4-player co-op been considered. Instead, it became consumed with the obsession of trying to be more than it needed to be, and ended up incomplete as a result. I’m glad I played Too Human, but I can’t help but feel disappointed by the waste of such a fascinating concept."

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