Ten Bizarre New Glitches In The Last of Us PS4

The Last of Us: Remastered is out on PS4, and it's pretty great. The original PS3 version, however, was famous for some downright hilarious glitches, and I'm happy to report that Remastered does its rough-around-the-polygons grandpappy proud with new ones of its own.

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Codey471319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

$5 Million dollar lawsuit enSUES!

Strangelover1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

Your companions were made invisible for enemies so that they couldn't ruin your stealth tactics. Would you be happy if you were sneaking in the shadows and suddenly Tess gets detected and you are killed because of your companion????
That's why the game is so praised and nobody pays attention to this "drawback". It's a sacrifice - IN THIS CASE gameplay is more important than immersion

Volkama1318d ago

Pretty cheap alternative to just giving the AI companions decent AI.

Have the friendly AI behave as though there is a threat to their lives but also have enemies ignore them in the event that they mess up. Everybody wins.

But I wouldn't list this as a "glitch", because as you say it is clearly a design choice.

LamerTamer1316d ago

Which is a hold over from the PS3. It was too weak to do the AI plus pushing the thing with it's 512mb to the limit. That is the drawback of remasters, they are held back in some way from last gen limitations.

Gatsu1319d ago

lol o_O The One Thousand Foot Tall Truck Fall

BlackTar1871319d ago

It's to the point where i can;t help but think this is MS fans doing their very best to damage control the highest rated game on Next gen.

I usually don't think like this but the over abundance of random and the most nit picky articles of all time have been coming out of nowhere since this released.

Xb1ps41319d ago

Something tells me that you really do always think like this...

BlackTar1871319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

Yea? And how do you figure?

I guess you're pretty good at making unsubstantiated claims like me right?

Seems to me you've chosen your side on this game from your comment history about it being too soon even though it was obviously not aimed at you as the audience if you felt that way. Tell the PS adopters from Xbox last gen that it was too early.

How about if you want to attack me personally do so with more substance.

Kiwi661319d ago

So everytime there is an article about glitches in a ps4 game are you going to blame ms fans even if the article is from a sony fan

BlackTar1871318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

That would only apply if you can find another article i'm in like this making this claim.

Since you can't and i have zero need to challenge you becasue i know it would waste your time since it doesn't exist.

I mean you guys seem to be more sensitive to me saying it then i am to the point i was trying to make.

You guys make zero sense sorry. You can't say so you're going to do this everytime when i have no history of ever doing it. The fact is this game has how many articles in the last 72hrs of small glitches? It's absurd. Your guys attitude are absurd and out of whack. It's as if i offended you which would be a whole other issue.

Going by your history you have a theme of being over reactive to everything you comment on. That's a trend trying to pretend one comment from me is a trend is a joke. Move along you obviously need more love in your life.

Xb1ps41319d ago

Yes the game came out too soon and guess what! I have the game! *gasp* i know I know... How can that be....

God forbid I criticize the game... Must be the xb1 fanboy of me, sorry... /s

It wasn't an attack, just a hunch..

Yes mrkrispy, every time no matter who it's from that's just how it is bro..

BlackTar1871318d ago

You make no sense just so you know. Me mentioning in once in over 3000 comments doesn't justify your childish attempts to rebuttal me.

Grow up

Xb1ps41315d ago

I need to grow up? wtf?

You are the one lumping xb1 fans together over an article on glitches that has nothing to do about ms at all. No one talked down about it no one compared these glitches with xb1 glitches but here you are with your conspiracy on how it must be ms fans because Sony fans will never criticize a Sony game..

Stopp acting all butt hurt over a glitch article... Acting dumb talking about rebuttal this that and challenging to check your history... I don't care if you only mention once or a million times cause it only takes one time to come off stupid and history shows you came off stupid one time, I don't have to check your history to see that..

BlackTar1871314d ago

I didn't lump every xb1 fan together. Saying what i said was not saying they all are a part of it. I guess you have comprehension issues.

The only one acting butthurt is you about my post. I'm not butthurt and me pointing it out also doesn't mean i give a crap if it was the truth or not just an observation. Like i said in the post above you're more offended at my 2 sentence post then i am with my accusation so maybe you should look in the mirror and see what the issue really is.

I've never seen someone so hurt off such a small post. I also didn't challenge you to check my history i told you it would be futile. Another comprehension issue i guess. History shows you have some super odd attachment to your plastic/metal box that plays games. You obviously were very offended by what i said which makes me LOL so i guess I win and you need to see a anger doctor.

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Sketchy_Galore1319d ago

I got the ghostly school lockers the other night. I was already having a hard time playing in the dark handling how the infected are even creepier now it's easier to pick out every horrific detail on them. That glitch was the last thing I needed right there.

Also I could've sworn Ellie held me while a hunter beat me to death recently. It all happened so fast, the area was smokey and I was pretty drunk, I also can't find any info on that specific glitch and don't even know how it would be possible but I know what I saw dagnabbit.

Volkama1318d ago

She does that sometimes. But usually she then turns to stare the player directly in the eyes, then walks towards you and crawls out of the screen into your living room. I don't know for certain what she does next, because I turned and ran pretty fast at that point. I think she's probably still there eating my cereal, waiting for me to go back.

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