DailyGame: WALL*E Preview (Xbox 360)

Here it is in early June, and the first batch of summer blockbuster films are already upon us. Yet of the remaining blockbusters of the 2008 summer season, few have the same level of anticipation as WALL*E, the next animated film from Disney and Pixar. Like most Pixar films, WALL*E is bound to hit an emotional chord with adults and kids alike, even though it uses no real dialogue or words (it relies mostly on beeps and synthesized "ooohs" and "ahhhs" instead). Yet for the requisite video game tie-in, Disney and THQ are aiming rather clearly for one audience alone: the under-10 crowd. And with WALL*E The Video Game, they stand a good chance of hitting their mark.

As you'd expect from a movie tie-in, WALL*E The Video Game takes key scenes from the film and lets players wander around the corresponding environment to feel as though they are part of the film themselves. In the case of WALL*E, then, players explore everything from the desert-like landing pad and Earth-bound junkyard to a cavernous spaceship landing bay and the vastness of space itself.

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