Microsoft: Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC Just a Mistake; "Numerous" Games in the Works in UK

Yesterday numerous media outlets reported about a PC version of Halo: The Master Chief Collection allegedly "leaked" by Amazon, prompted by a post on NeoGAF. Today Microsoft Studios Global Product Marketing Manager explained on Twitter that it's just a listing mistake made by retailers, also teasing "Numerous" new project being worked on in the UK.

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ArtificiallyYours1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Some deranged lunatic is spamming the Waypoint forums with these requests for a PC release.

It makes the community look awful.

You'll get your Master Chief Collection on PC- when some of us are in our thirties perhaps. This is going to be the last re-release of any Halo games in a while it seems.

So enjoy what you get.

ArtificiallyYours1472d ago

Yeah, you can disagree for the sake of disagreeing... Or you can hope some anonymous source will confirm a PC release.

Wait what are they focusing on after the collection?

Oh. Right. GUARDIANS? SMH seriously...

700p1472d ago

You can keep crying for getting disagrees.

Mr Pumblechook1472d ago

Notice how Microsoft are playing with words and they've said the listing is a 'mistake' but not said it's 'false!'

Major retailers like Amazon don't suddenly post details of a PC version by accident, they post because they have been given the information so they can order enough stock, but then prematurely release details of the product.

Microsoft want to increase sales of the XB one so it makes sense to marker Halo:MCC as an exclusive. After launch, MS can then release a PC version without fear of impacting those sales.

4Sh0w1471d ago


Amazon and many retailers make listing mistakes every once in awhile. lol and micro saying it was a mistake means exactly that right now there is no PC version in the works so the listing is a error.

I have no doubt though that one day the MCC will be available for PC, it would be foolish not to but it would also be foolish to do that anytime soon when their primary focus is to push X1 sales.

98xpresent1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Microsoft is not sneaky lol , it's gonna be on PC . 2 years from now

ArtificiallyYours1472d ago

Two years from now we'll more likely get Halo Wars 2...

Orbertron1472d ago

I'm with you it's Halo wars 2.....
i mean i hope it's halo wars 2.....
please, please let it be halo wars 2.

sinspirit1472d ago

Only if they want to try and push Windows 9. The only reason Halo 2 ever launched on PC was to push early Vista support, and we know how terrible Vista was. Users waited 3 years for a PC version only to get a Vista only version that because of Vista's mass negative publicity they made it okay to play Halo 2 on XP with a patch.

mwjw6961472d ago

Yea same with Halo 3, Halo Reach, Halo Wars, Halo ODST, and Halo 4 right? So how are you enjoying those games? O did you not get to play them on PC when they originally came out on the Xbox 360? My mistake!

FireProChamp1472d ago

I thought Microsoft stated a renewed focus on PC gaming just recently? Which games were they talking about?

Abriael1472d ago

Minesweeper is coming back :P

4Sh0w1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

@ FireProChamp/ AllAboutGaming

I guess it depends on the difference between what's your definition vs their definition of "renewed focus"? I don't see that statement and not putting the MCC on pc as contradictory. I mean why in the hell would they put their most sought after product that's designed to boost sales of their main gaming platform on pc (anytime soon)???? Seriously did you really expect after that statement all their games are coming to pc????

It's no different than both sony and micro saying they are going to continue support last gen, they are but that doesn't mean they are going to put greater or equal effort (all the same games) on ps3 and 360 which would diminish their current priority= ps4 and X1.

Microsoft isn't obligated to support pc gaming, micro interest in pc mainly lies with its dominance of pc software products. Windows pc gaming is a small scale business but unlike Xbox they have no ownership of the platform, thus should not have the unrealistic burden of being expected to push pc gaming when frankly pc games are sold mostly discounted, games sell much less and the return of high profits is just not there like big game releases sold on consoles.

AllAboutGaming1472d ago

"Microsoft is working toward a "renewed focus on Windows and PC gaming," Microsoft Studios head Phil Spencer said at GDC 2014 today, the fruits of which will become more evident later this year."

Time for another 180?

FireProChamp1472d ago

Hmmm...fruits of which will become more evident....the fruit is the evidence....fruit is sold in stores....stores sell things....Fruit Ninja 2 on PC coming to stores across the world!!!!

We've solved the riddle Robin!

Kavorklestein1472d ago

Oh brother. Get over yourself you crunchy bigot.
Are we supposed to call Driveclub's delay a "180" for dramatic effect?

Or Evolve's delay into 2015 a "180" or anything that isn't EXACTLY the way it was interpreted or hypothesized by whoever, for whatever reason?

Stupidest new gaming terminology so far: 180.

More like shit happens. And really the only people who care are the sticklers/whiners/and fanboys.

You, and the rest of the "What you said that one time, and the way I chose to interpret it, is the way it better be to the umpteenth degree or else- Youus Iz a Treightore"
Kinds of people can just get the hell of this planet if you are never gonna be satisfied.

Dewitt1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

+ bubs Kav, gamers these days think they are entitled to everything. They want constant leaks and then cry when their are no surprises at conferences. They cry over polygon and pixel counts instead of how fun the game is to play. They care more about sales and arguing then just playing and enjoying the games they bought. Over analyze every aspect of a trailer to find flaws, not see the innovation or fun that game can present. The gaming community in general has plummeted into a couch critic industry of self-entitled "insert insulting word here" who think they are experts on every piece of technology that comes out.

sinspirit1472d ago

They have said that many times and people still blindly believe all the failed promises they have made to PC and consoles.

Somebody1472d ago

Oh, they are refocusing their effort on the PC but they will mostly be free to play games and cow clickers. When MS finally had a renewed interest for the PC several years back, they stripped down two classic PC games, MS Flight Simulator and Age of Empire, and offered us F2P versions of them. That's pretty much how MS see the PC market.

AAA titles like Halo and GoW? They will stay put on the console.

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Aces171472d ago

Typical PC gamer: What do we need a console for? We have the superior gaming machines..... now if only we could have some of you'll console games to play on it.

SteamPowered1472d ago

My Steam library has almost 200 games. You won't hear me crying about something to play anytime soon.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1472d ago

And I bet I can get 95% of those games on PS3 or 360.

Seafort1472d ago

@PrinceOfAllSaiyans I bet you can't. Maybe 40-50% of them.

Console gamers don't seem to realise how many PC exclusives there is.

I have 871 games on steam and most console gamers will probably have never heard of most of them.

Your loss. Your console games is a dip in the ocean compared to how many good/great PC games there is.

OT: Aaron Greenberg still has a job at Microsoft? Man they must be desperate to still employ that troll.

LightDiego1472d ago

So true, that's always happen, and still these guys complain when a game is released, saying the consoles games are dumb and stuff like that.

Somebody1472d ago

I'm not a PC Elitist who crave for 4K capable hardware but I do agree at some point of PC gaming superiority. Just look at your next gen consoles - they're are actually made PC parts. The only difference if the PS4's BLuRay, XB1's ESRAM and their OSes.

Your next gen consoles and exclusive games that you know now simply won't exist without PC gaming. Let's not forget about the MMOs, F2Ps, indie games and Early Access that console fans tend to down upon during the heyday of the PS3 and 360.

If PC gamers are the only ones begging for console games then why did Sony and MS spent so much time telling everyone that they can port their PC games much easier and faster to their new consoles? Consoles have tons of exclusives so what's the need to get all those PC devs and their lowly games on board the console train?

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