Praise the port: Remakes only add more value

Remakes and re-releases make the wait for new games a lot easier.

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XiNarutoUzumaki1473d ago

The Multiplayer makes the game worth the price tag. It is also gonna keep me busy until Driveclub and LBP come, and beyond.

InMyOpinion1473d ago

Depends on the game and how well it's remade. I appreciate TLOU getting a facelift since I didn't play it the first time around.

caseh1473d ago

Normally I wouldn't agree with this, especially with TLOU being remade within a year of release. With that said, it's so barren on the PS4 at the moment I bought it, again so to speak.

Last night I spent 5-10 minutes looking at running water and just at my surroundings in general. Things like signs blowing in the wind and even the rain were worth taking some time to appreciate.

I don't recall ever doing this when I played the PS3 version, great game and enjoyed it but the remaster does take the experience to another level in my opinion.

NeoGamer2321472d ago

I think re-masters are ok. But I would like to see more "new" content now and re-mastered content further into the generation when the features and functionality are known and matured.

Right now it should be about new content. I bought new consoles so I want new content.

Re-mastering now makes me feel like they just ripped me off to buy a new console and are ripping me off to replay a game that only played through 1-3 years ago.

memots1472d ago

Ask Dragonknight how he feels about great value for Tlou:R

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