Destiny Beta: Elemental Weapon Damage (Solar, Arc, Void) Explained

Different weapons in Destiny use different elements to inflict different damage on your enemies. Sound complicated? There are people in the Bungie community who do a great job of explaining it.

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salmon_slapped1356d ago

Not a bad system, but I definitely prefer Borderlands' approach to it.

Drithe1356d ago

All we have to do is wait one month of PURE HELL and the game will be out. YAAAAAAY!

TimidPixel1356d ago

Not much longer fellow Guardians and we can fight the back against the darkness once again.

RustEGearz1355d ago

And send their souls screaming back to hell!

ITPython1356d ago

I was wondering what those colored symbols meant, good to know what they do now. All I knew prior to the video was that they had different effects when hitting enemies (the fire/solar one was the most obvious to me), but I never noticed one working better than the other, and this video clears that right up.

This will makes it even more interesting when setting up strike teams, as you'll want to make sure the team has the ability to use all types of damages for maximum killing efficiency against higher level enemies with shields.

SO hyped for this game!

cl19831355d ago

In all honesty 3 rounds from my normal sniper will take both of them down so I think I'd still stick with that.

Paul_JC1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

I wish it was shown in the health bar - like if an enemy was weak to void damage, their shield health bar would be purple, for example.

But its still a decent system.

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