Short Pause Podcast #5: TLoU Remastered; What's A "Better Value" For Gamers, EA Access or PS Now?

The Short Pause crew revisits the remastered version of last years critically acclaimed classic, The Last of Us. They also weigh in on PlayStation's curious comments regarding EA Access not being of value to gamers, the same week they unveil the inflated pricing of their PlayStation Now streaming service. Finally, the winners of the @TheShortPause Twitter Podcast Contest are announced.

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bmbnbs1388d ago

It's a Guttenbergian good time!

TheDude791388d ago

LOL! Sgt Mahoney! One of the most complex characters in cinema history! Dude could rock frayed "jorts" and a "One In The Oven" cut-off shift like it was actually a cool look!

Dante811388d ago

Ever watch Cocoon? The guy had just the right amount of chest hair to be awesome.

tazmeah1388d ago

"If you're online and you see team Short Pause, we are not those Pros." My favorite line.