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Hyrule Warriors Online Interactivity Revealed

So what exactly is the online aspect of the game? (Hyrule Warriors, Wii U)

Concertoine  +   359d ago
Woooow. That is so lame.

This game wouldve been a definite buy from me if i knew i could play it with a friend online. Now i'll probably wait to get it. Very strange decision on Tecmo's part.

The online in MK8 was a huge selling point, i think we'll all agree.
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IonDestroy  +   359d ago
Having played other Dynasty Warriors games online with friends, in my opinion it's no real detriment. There's not a whole lot of tactics you can really implement with 2 people (especially online where lag can take a bit away from the experience), it's more like you take one side, they take the other, and the mission gets done fairly quick.

It would most likely be nowhere near as involved as MK8, and I'm fairly certain that the game would stand tall even as a single player game (if it didn't have local like it does now), as with most Dynasty Warriors.
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Concertoine  +   359d ago
I've played it co-op too. I thought it was pretty fun.

I brought up MK8 to show it wouldve been a worthwhile addition and one that could sell the game that much more.

I understand those that don't care, but it is a glaring omission in a series that has had online multiplayer for almost a decade. This is not a deal breaker for me but it is enough for me to postpone my purchase.
uptownsoul  +   359d ago
seems to me that they had a harder time making this non-co-op style ghost data thing than just making regular co-op style co-op
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weekev15  +   359d ago
Imagine an online battle mode where each player plays as a boss, say 4x4. As well as fighting you use the gamepad to deploy minions trying to stop enemies attacking or helping to advance on their position. This just feels like a huge missed opportunity to me.
scissor_runner  +   359d ago
Was going to play local co op mostly anyway. I believe mario 3d had this also. This game is huge so I understand most gamers don't have friends close... well get so dip and chips and throw a party man! Follow it up with some wii sports club boxing and your family and co workers will have a blast.
Concertoine  +   359d ago
I have friends over all the time, but most have zero interest in the Warriors games and its hard to communicate the basics of an action game's combat to someone who's never played that game and to do so in like one night. I mean the game doesnt have a high skill ceiling but if you dont know what youre doing its not as fun. Im in high school so most of them aren't into the genres i am and we usually just play party games or smash.

But the people i meet on miiverse and n4g are usually more hardcore gamers who would have a grasp on the combat. But i cant play with them due to lack of online.

Like i said i understand those that don't care because they play local or just by themselves, but i feel like we should ALL still voice disdain because if we don't Nintendo and other devs will continue to ignore online play.
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scissor_runner  +   359d ago
I see your point. Most younger gamers are casual and don't want to fail in front of people.

Some one should write more about this issue. Old school gamers and developers over look this because it has always been a crutch for game designers.

Unfortunately you have more trolling online where people just want to ruin your fun.

when talking directly to nintendo this is what they are trying to fix without being to heavy handed.
weekev15  +   359d ago
Dont know why your getting so many disagrees your comment is spot on.
DryBoneKoopa85  +   359d ago
That's fine for me. I enjoy single player more anyways. My wife and I are already planning to play together, so were both pretty excited for this release.
gamer7804  +   359d ago
darn, i was thinking of getting this if it had some online coop. i think i'll pass or wait til the price drops <15$
IonDestroy  +   359d ago
Good luck waiting for a Zelda game to drop below $15. Super Mario 64 DS came out almost 10 years ago and stores still sell it for at least $30...
BionicRogue21  +   359d ago
I'm pretty sure a Zelda game would never go under $15...
gamer7804  +   359d ago
You are probably right. Butmaybe since its a spinoff it will drop a little more than a zelda sequel. I'll wait a bit and see how itgoes
yewles1  +   359d ago
Oh, this previous article just got REALLY funny now...

Metallox  +   359d ago
That's why people shouldn't bother with doing translations from Japanese websites. You can get pretty disappointed.
Dunban67  +   359d ago
I don t know which part of thier own translation that they came up w online play - it was more wishful thinking and trying to refute another more accurate gaming site that said there would not be online play

I guess the new word of the day is "online interactivity".
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   359d ago
So, you play alongside the ghost of another player?
Well, I guess I'll be one of the people rallying for proper online co-op, then.
Though, given the fact that the game's practically done, I don't know how much good it will do to beg Koei Tecmo for this...
ICANPLAYGAMES2  +   359d ago
Eh, from what I saw in the Direct, I couldn't care less. I think the game will do fine without it. I can understand people caring, that are already used to it from previous DW games, but for me (as has already been stated) it's no detriment. I am no less excited for the game.
AWBrawler  +   359d ago
Who really plays Musou games online? Thats not a major factor for the fanbase. I still often forget they have even local multiplayer. they are the kind of single player game that i like to play for hours and just lose track of time slaying enemies.
swice  +   359d ago
I think people only care about this so much because they are looking at it as another step back for Nintendo's online infrastructure, when in all honestly, it's not. Nintendo will keep getting flack until a true online game comes, which I think is unfair

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