GTA V PC still on course for Autumn

2K-published titles all appear to be on course for their announced dates, including GTA V’s PC version which is still listed for “Fall”.

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Ripsta7th1504d ago

I keep hearing online rumors saying
It will release on October

10V3N0M011504d ago

A retailer here listed it last night for November 28th. It's possible but could just be a placeholder.

traumadisaster1504d ago

Pre ordered the other day on pc with madden and sunset overdrive too cause at bestbuy I have the gamersclub $12 off each and each 1 has $10 pre order deal. So got each for 37, after points tax is covered too. Been playin gta4 in 4k this month havin blast.

Audiggity1504d ago

Awww man, what monitor/graphics card are you using to play GTAIV in 4K? What mods?

traumadisaster1498d ago

Vanilla game no mods cause 4k is enough. Titan and samsung 8550. First had a seiki though at 30hz, now at 60hz I nice.

Audiggity1497d ago

Can you toss up a 4k screenshot (uncompressed) w/ max details? I'm curious!