Mario Kart 8 update - edit others' highlights, map on screen, improved online stability, and more

Nintendo is releasing a fairly major update for Mario Kart 8 on August 27.

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-Foxtrot1325d ago

"Map display will be added on the TV screen"


You know how annoying that was to place the Gamepad in front of me as I played with the Pro Controller. Don't see why they got rid of it.

Metallox1325d ago

The map wasn't on the TV screen? Wow, that's kind of lame, good thing they added it.

-Foxtrot1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

Unfortunately it wasn't....just a silly way to try and make use of the game pad

I mean having to keep looking down is annoying, because your moving on the map its not like you can memorize the last place you looked, by the time you quickly looked down and find where you or others are you have to look up again to maintain your place.

Hell even when you start a race the map isnt on the gamepad by default, the karts horn have to press a box on the side to get it up.

slivery1325d ago

No offense but you people who need the map on screen must be terrible at this game.

I have never once needed to look at the map, so I don't understand why people even need to see it. I am actually gonna be annoyed now there is something more taking up the screen that I won't even use.

I hope we can turn it off.

I would love an update to be able to turn off the music, so I can listen to some of my own while I race.

MartinB1051325d ago

I wouldn't say that I need the map, but it's always nice to be able to see how far ahead I am and where my friends are. :)

I'd like an option to change music/SFX volumes too. This seems to be pretty standard in just about every game these days except for Nintendo games. I just have no idea why they never have this option.

Concertoine1325d ago

The map on DS and MK7 was practically OP because you could see items, coins and enemies in your radius. But on the console games its always one big map showing where everyone is and its not very helpful at all. In fact i hope i can disable it because it'll just obsctruct the screen imo.

But he isnt inherently bad because he uses it, some people just like knowing perhaps how far ahead or behind they are. So its nice that they're adding this.

Patrick_pk441325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

Damn you are edgy. Anymore someone will get cut.

-Foxtrot1325d ago

Just because you need to look at the map to haow far ahead you are in the game dosen't mean your terrible at the game.

We've ALWAYS had the map on screen, so it's not like people wanted something which was never there to make it easier.

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smashs1325d ago Show
Concertoine1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

Lol there needs to be a N4G community on MK8...

Im glad they have a "records" screen because i really missed seeing how much ass i kicked like in MK7. Also the default being set to next race is nice.

Parapraxis1325d ago

Next up....add BATTLE ARENAS!
This is by far the feature the most people are asking for.

Tiqila1325d ago

If Nintendo brings back Battle Arenas they will certainly be doing fine this gen, because then I think Nintendo has learned to listen to their fanbase, finally.

-Foxtrot1325d ago

However you could say they should of added them in the game from the start

It's the biggest flaw about Mario Kart 8 , the Battle Modes maps are just tracks from the main's pretty lazy in my opinion.

Even if they had to bring over the maps from Mario Kart 7 or Mario Kart Wii least then we would have arenas.

Pherup1325d ago

Let me play multiplayer with one person on the game pad and boost it to five player

RAFFwaff1325d ago

Now a patch to fix "Battle Mode" would be great!!!